Daniel Xander Vendemio
Killzone in August 2015
Names Daniel Killzone
Height 6'2
Weight 232 lbs
Born June 17th, 1991 (age 24)
Birth place N/A
Died N/A
Death place N/A
Resides Miami, Florida
Billed Miami,Florida
Trained by Marz Killzone, Stone Cold Steve Austin
Debut 2014
Retired N/A
Daniel Killzone

Daniel Killzone as the Champ

Daniel Xander Vendemio (born June 17th,1991) is an American professional CAW wrestler currently signed to MWE (Major Wrestling Entertainment). He is the former MWE champion, and the brother of fellow wrestler Marz Killzone. He debuted in MWE in 2014, as a rookie from D.W.A, MWE's developmental territory. He is known for using the Kill Bomb finisher. (Adopted from Marz Killzone and Stone Cold Steve Austin).

Early Life

Vendemio was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He and his brother grew up as wrestling fans. He idolized Stine Cold Steve Austin, and his brother idolized Edge. He began traing at the age of 20 in 2010 with Austin.

Professional wrestling career

Destructive Wrestling Association (2013-2014)

After training with Austin for atleast 4 years Vendemio signed with MWE. Under the name Daniel Killzone and reported to the DWA territory in New York. He found out that his brother Marz Killzone was there too. he found some success in this territory against the likes of Power Storm, Robert Snake, and even his own brother Marz Killzone. In 2014, when it was reported that Marz Killzone made his debut in MWE, Daniel Killzone was signed at least 3 months later.

Debut in MWE (2014)

Killzone debuted in MWE in a triple threat match for the International Championship against Tiger Ted and Robert Snake in a losing effort. A week later he participated in a Steel Cage Match against Xander Ramirez, which he lost. Fans were starting to think Daniel Killzone was a jobber. He kept on losing matches, and was at risk for release. But Daniel Fox told him as well if he kept losing matches, him and his brother would be fired from MWE.

The underdog, MWE Champion (2015-present)

That changed at Carnage Catastrophe 2015, when he won the rumble, eliminating Chris Rio last. He then would advance to MajorMania III and defeated Loose Cannon for the MWE Championship. He would later continue the rivalry with Loose Cannon at Outnumbered defeating Cannon again. It then went on to Payday where Killzone would defeat Cannon again to finish the rivalry. He then would defeat new MWE Tag Team Champ El Navajo at MWE Dog Days on August 30th for the title. He is expected to defend his title again at the championship night edition of MWE on September 5th. At Revenge, he defended his title in a losing effort to Omega II in a Fatal 4 way match also defeating Andrew Flasier, and Carl Johnson.

He is reported to return for MWE's Season 4 possibly in sometime in January 2016.

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