Danny Foghorn
Names Danny Foghorn Danny Hawkinz
Height 6'1"
Weight 230lbs.
Born March 3, 1990
Birthplace Witchita, Kansas
Died  ???
Resides Phoenix, Arizona
Billed from Kansas City, Kansas
Trained by By Himself
Debut 2010
Retired  ???
Danny Gambit Bush is the brother of the stupid Andy Foghorn but nothing stops this man from competing in the ring. Danny is currently working for Aggressive Canadian Wrestling.

Aggressive Canadian Wrestling (2010-Present)

Danny Foghorn debuted with his brother Andy Foghorn who is in love with 20 Year Old DD Hawkinz who is also in ACW too. Danny Foghorn is a former E-Fed owner but now is a CAW Wrestler in ACW. Danny has to always be with his brother because he has constant amnesia and will never know when it will happen again.

World Wide Championship Wrestling (2010-Present)

Danny Foghorn debuted in WWCW against Pakman and successfully defeated him with the Twisting Foghorn Finisher.

Personal Life

Danny always dreamed of being a wrestler and trained hard for it but he just couldn't do good enough. During his training with his brother Andy he delivered a light chair shot to his brothers head. That led to his brother having amnesia in which he took full advantage of. He stays with him all the time, including when he sleeps. A number of incidents have happened where moaning and screaming to be let out has been heard  A neighbor reported the cops that they heard Danny scream "Go to sleep and take that hard Andy" but the police said they were most likely just watching CM Punk and wrestling around. Danny says himself nothing bad was happening and that his brother is just a handful. 


Despite the last name Danny is in no way releated to Foghorn Sanders and cried slong with begged at Sanders feet to train him. Foghorn rejected him for being a crybaby.


In Wrestling

Finishers & Signatures

  • Foghorn Stretch (99 Stretch)
  • Danny Slam (Modified Powerslam)
  • Twisting Foghorn (Twist Of Fate)


Hard Hittin' by Homebwoi (Current In ACW)

My Way by Limp Bizkit (Current In WWCW)

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