December To Dismember is an annual CAW wrestling click-per-view event produced by Charle Spender Jr. It is billed as the promotion's annual flagship event.

December To Dismember is to Xtream Championship Wrestling of the World as Super Bowl is to NFL, and more so, Wrestlemania is to the WWE, in the sense that it is one of the most important events of the year in CAW entertainment. It is the largest and longest-timing of all CAW wrestling events in the world and has been described to be "The Grandaddy of Them All," "The Showcase of the Immortals," "Where Rivalries End," and "The Biggest Party to Start the Summer".

Taking the name from the former promotion, WCW, December To Dismember marks as the Season Finale Event for XCWW. This is the only CPV to have EVERY title on the line. This, along with Final Destination, Gennesi & Hallowen Horror House are the only CPVs that took place every season.


  • Hooligan Beeif & Ice-T def Dink & Doink
  • Paul Barner def Jonhy the Bull et devient nouveau XCWW Frensh Champion
  • Mark Jin Drak def Homicide & Hernandez
  • Tony def William Apollo
  • Le boureau def Renox et devien nouveau champion du monde de XCWW


  • Tony def Homicide (w/Hernandez)
  • William Apollo def Jonhy The Bull dans les demi final du tournoi
  • Mark Jin Drak def Hernandez (w/Homicide)
  • Dink & Doink def Hector Money & Money jr dans un tag team No DQ match
  • Mark Jin drak def William Apolo dans la final du tournoi
  • Renox def Mr Young
  • Mark Jin drak def Le boureau pour devenir nouveau champion du monde de la XCWW


Dark Match: 10 man Battle Royal

  • winner: Tony (11:01)

No DQ Match

  • Dink def Money Jr(10:10)

Handicap Match

  • Mark Jin drak def Homicide & Hernandez (8:23)

Demi Final du King Of The Ring

  • Crypte def Ice-T (4:05)

No DQ match

  • Doink (W/Dink) def Hutend Jack(7:42)

Demi Final du King Of The Ring

  • Petey John def Hardcore Joe (8:00)

Frensh Championship

  • Jonhy the Bull def William Apollo (13:35)

New Superstar Match

  • Hooligan Beif def jack Montel(6:50)

Final du King Of The Ring

  • Crypte def Petey John (10:31)

XCWW World Haveiweght Championship Extrem Elimination Chamber match

  • Le boureau def Renox,Tony,Mr Young,Hector Money et Mistico (35:29)

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