Derek's Championship Wrestling League
Acronym DCWL
Establishment October 29th 2009 to January 18th 2013
Owner(s) Derek the V Extreme
Staff Derek the V Extreme
Formerly N/A

DCWL's name and start

DCWL was randomly made up one day with a chatbox discussion with CAW Legend Danny Jackpot and Derek the V Extreme. As a parody to Allan, Danny came up with the name DCWL. Which can now be found at this youtube channel,

The DCWL Tournament (2009)

A 16 man tournament took place where the winner becomes the 1st ever DCWL Champion.On 11/17/09 at DCWL main event of it's 1st CPV Revenge Reckoning Sagat was crowned the 1st DCWL Champion.

The Superstars of DCWL

  • Mike Tyson Finisher: The Tyson Takeout (Rock Bottom)
  • Mysto Finisher: Insurance Stunner (Stunner)
  • Louis Payne Finisher: The Punishment (Reverse DDT),Pain Face (Crossface)
  • Ryu Finisher: Fighters Fate (Twist of Fate)
  • Sagat Finisher: Tiger Cutter (Diamond Cutter)
  • Macho Jef Finisher: Dew Flux Capacitor (Sunset Bomb)
  • The Suspect Finisher: Suspect Salute (Rikishi Driver)
  • James bond Finisher: Agents Decoder (Razors Edge)
  • Bret Michaels Finisher: The Hitler Kick (super Kick)
  • Eminem Finisher: Hailie Driver(Tiger Driver with Pin)
  • Mr. T Finisher: Mr. T KO (TKO)
  • Micheal Jackson Finisher: Drug Killer (Pedigree)
  • Ozzy Ozbourne Finisher: Crazy Train Spiral (download Spiral)
  • Link Finisher: ZDT (Faster Brainbuster)
  • Johnny Rocker Finisher: Rocking Moments (Powerbomb into a X Factor)
  • Zangeif Finisher: The Russian Roulette (Dominator),Soviet Slam (Chokeslam)
  • Danny Jackpot Finisher: Cash Out (Inverted DDT)


On January 18, 2013 after a long hiatus owner of DCWL Derek The V Extreme closed down DCWL in favor of moving on to better projects.

Final Champions

Active Titles

Defunct Titles

DCWL Lulz title

DCWL Hardcore title

DCWL Extreme Title


Triple Crown Champions

The Triple Crown is an achievement rather than an actual championship. It is earned when a superstar wins the DCWL World championship , a Mid-Card championship (International), and a Tag Team Championship (One Night Stand Tag Team or DCWL Tag Team). The Triple Crown can be won multiple times if a superstar wins all three tiers of titles more than once.

List of DCWL Triple Crown Champions

The following is a list of DCWL Triple Crown Champions with dates indicating the wrestler's first reign with the respective championship.

Championships in italics Indicates the title is an alternate title from the original definition of a Triple Crown Championship.
Dates in bold The date the wrestler became a Triple Crown Champion.
Names in bold Indicates the wrestler is also a Grand Slam Champion.
no future reign possible The wrestler cannot have a reign with this championship belt.
Name colors

Won the Triple Crown under the original definition.

Won the Triple Crown with an alternate title.
Champion Primary Championships Tag Team Championships Secondary Championships
World One Night Stand
Tag Team
Tag Team
Suspect January 17, 2010 March 18, 2010 August 22, 2010
Mike Tyson December 14,2009 August 17,2010 October 29,2010

List of Potential Champions

Champion Primary Championships Tag Team Championships Secondary Championships
World One Night Stand
Tag Team
Tag Team
Bret Michaels Yes check impossible X mark Yes check
Danny Jackpot Yes check impossible X mark Yes check
Mysto Yes check impossible Yes check X mark

Yes check The championship has been won.
X mark The championship has not been won and is needed to complete their Triple Crown.
unneeded The championship has not been won but it is not needed to complete their Triple Crown.

The championship has not been won but future title reigns are not possible


DCWL Revenge Reckoning

DCWL Hardcore Ressurection


DCWL NeverEnding Aggression

DCWL Battlefield

DCWL Collision Countdown

DEC Mania

DCWL Downfall

DCWL Hardcore Hell

DCWL The Last Stand

Special Events

DCWL Subscriber Show

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