Derek the V Extreme
Names Derek the V Extreme,
Height 5'10
Weight 275 pounds
Born August 11th, 1995
Birthplace Tampa, Florida
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Tampa, Florida
Billed from Tampa, Florida
Trained by Self trained
Debut 2009


Derek the V Extreme is a CAW commentator,owner of DCWL and a dumbass. While he is not known as an in-ring competitor, he has wrestled in many matches, and holds victories over the likes of XtremeTony, Danny Jackpot, Allan Caesar III, and Evan O'Shea. Derek The V Extreme has been proclaimed "The Voice of CAW" due to his remarkable abilty to enthrall a massive audience with his extraordinary skills on the mic. Derek has made numerous apperances in CAW Feds. Derek has also competed in CAWllision matches and even was put on the poster of CAWllision IV. Derek is also a man on the misson looking to answer the ever so puzzling of question of Why Guile Why?


Derek The V Extreme was signed to FNW as an offical superstar and he made his debut on FNW Show 10 when him and his good buddy Fella defeated Corey Bayne and Cowlex.  ==JFW== DerekTheVExtreme's friend DJ Jordan had started his own league called Jordan Federation Wrestling and due to DerekTheVExtreme huge contribution to the show before hand he was made CEO of the company and was made a occasional wrestler. DerekTheVExtreme has yet to debut in a match.

Leagues DerekTheVExtreme has commentated


  • The Greatest Commentator in CAW today (Self proclaimed; fictional)
  • Commentating God (Self Proclaimed; fictional)
  • Dumbass
  • CAW Legend (Self Proclaimed; however can be proved as he is a Vivianverse Hall of Famer)
  • The Unfunny Contributer
DCO Television Tournament 5

Derek once won a tournament for the Vacated DCO Television Championship.

Finishers and Signature Moves

  • OH SHIT SWANTON BOMB (Swanton Bomb)

  • Hamburger Helper (Dream Street)

  • The Punch Out (Standing Punch)

  • V Lock (Bicycle Kick)


Bring The Ruckus- Manafest

Championships and Accomplishments:

  • FNW
    • FNW Championship (1 Time)
    • FNW Tag Team Championship (4 Times) - w/ Paul Bearer (1), Fella (1) and Barnacle Boy (2)
  • Other Accomplishments
    • Burb Ripoff Championship(1 time)
    • Vivanverse Hall of Fame (class of 2012)
    • Beat Charles Hansen to death with nothing but his fists
DerekTheVExtreme 2012 DCWL Titantron02:23

DerekTheVExtreme 2012 DCWL Titantron

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