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Developing Futures Wrestling
Acronym DFW
Establishment 2012 (RSW Run)
2013 - (EDF Run)
Owner(s) Emily O'Shea ,
Brent Harvanator (Previous Owner)
Staff Emily O'Shea (Owner/Head Booker)
Brent Harvanator (Booker)
Oshujax (Booker)
Formerly RSW DFW
Website [Official Youtube Channel]
DFW (Developing Futures Wrestling) is a Professional Wrestling Machinima CAW league ran by Emily O'Shea and is the current developmental territory for Elite Dynasty Federation.

DFW's focus is on the up and coming talent in wrestling, as well as being a place for the members of the EDF roster who don't get much air time to compete and hone their skills.


Orignaly the successor to the now defunct New-DCWL: Australia joke promotion that originated from a terrible CAW league. DFW was the developmental offshoot promotion for Rising Star Wrestling. Along side then owner; Brent Harvanator, the league was also ran by Emily O'Shea (former owner of New-DCWL: Canada, Computer Generated Wrestling and OMG Japanese Rasslin) who was the on-screen General Manager of the Overdrive program.

On September 21st, DFW would announce it was going under a major hiatus, where its future is yet to be decided. The reason for the hiatus is due to a lack of interest into the league.

However on March 25th 2013, Emily O'Shea would aquire the rights to DFW from the previous owner and rebrand it as the developmental territory of Elite Dynasty Federation.

Current Roster:Edit

Ring Name Real Name Alignment Hometown Overall Height Weight Notes
Andrew Hunter Andrew Hunter Face New York, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag TBA 6ft 3in 252lbs Also working with the main roster
Chris Corre Christopher Corremont Face Chicago, Illinois MiniUnitedStatesFlag TBA 6ft 5in 220lbs Also working with the main roster
David Erro David Erro Tweener Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada MiniCanadaFlag TBA 6ft 2in 240lbs Also working with the main roster
Esteban Mondragon Steven Araña Heel Madrid, Spain TBA 5ft 11in 224lbslbs
Haduken Tom Nook Heel Ballsack, Kentucky MiniUnitedStatesFlag TBA 6ft 0in 220lbs Also working with the main roster
Jalin Brown N/A Heel N/A TBA N/A N/A
Josh McCloud Josh McCloud Face Miami, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag TBA 6ft 5in 254lbs Also working with the main roster
Theodore Williams Theodore Williams Heel Liverpool, England TBA 6ft 3in 241lbslbs

Tag Teams:

Esteban Mondragon & Theodore Williams (Los Caídos)


Championship Championship Name Current Champion (s) Date Won Previous Champion
DFW Championship Transparent DFW Championship Vacant N/A


DFW Heritage Championship Transparent DFW Heritage Championship Vacant N/A B.B. Disco
DFW Tag Team CHampionship Transparent DFW Tag Team Championship Vacant N/A



DFW Overdrive logo

The DFW Overdrive logo as of April 12th, 2012

Overdrive is the main show for DFW. The show is ran by a soon to be announced General Manager.

The current theme song for Overdrive is: "Here We Are Juggernaut" by Coheed and Cambria

Webmatch Series:Edit

DFW Webmatch Logo

The DFW Webmatch logo (2012-)

Webmatches are one to two-shot match shows.

The current theme song is: "Well Enough Alone" by Chevelle

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