Devil Killer Wrestling
Acronym DKW
Establishment July 2010
Owner(s) John X
Staff N/A
Formerly N/A

Devil Killer Wrestling is a CAW league started by John X in the summer of 2010.


Mens roster

  • Ace
  • Alex Thunder
  • Andy
  • ANP
  • Bane
  • Big T
  • Black Eye
  • Black Mask
  • Dark
  • Dave Phoenix
  • David Carter
  • Devin Angels
  • Heiko
  • Hung
  • Jey Ti
  • John Destroyer
  • John X
  • Lukas
  • Nick
  • Scarecrow
  • Shadow
  • T-Bone
  • The M
  • The Shock
  • TMO
  • Two-Face
  • Vegas
  • Zuko

Divas roster

DKW Championships

Championship Current champion Date won Previous champion
DKW Championship Big T January 28, 2013 John X
World Heavyweight Championship T-Bone May 10, 2013 The Shock
DKW Impact Championship Ace November 14, 2012 John Destroyer
DKW Hardcore Championship David Carter May 7, 2013 Zuko
DKW Tag Team Championships Two-Face and Black Mask May 7, 2013 Noob and Smoke

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