Names Dew
Height  ???
Weight  ???
Born  ???
Birthplace Parts Unknown
Died N/A
Resides Parts Unknown
Billed from Parts Unknown
Trained by  ???
Debut 2010
Retired N/A

Dew is a CAW superstar formerly hired to the Raw brand of New-WWE.


Dew debuted on the Smackdown brand and was almost immediately put in the title picture following a series of victories over Road Block, as well as his tendency to cut very vague promos, claiming he'd expose the "lies" of the United States Government.

His spotless Win/Loss record and controversy allowed him to quickly get noticed, and he soon earned a World Heavyweight Championship match at Fatal Four Way. He was unable to capture the title despite his best efforts.

Dew soon engaged in a feud with John Cena, culminating in a Submission match at Summerslam 3. Though Dew looked to have the momentum going into Summerslam (after having made then-World Heavyweight Champion Pablo Gonzales tap out), he was defeated rather easily by Cena.

The two faced off in a few more matches, with Dew unable to earn any wins over Cena. He was quietly released from New-WWE shortly afterward.

Return on Raw

Dew returned as part of the Raw brand at Over the Limit, tag teaming with Jeff Winninger. Taking advantage of the disappearance of one-half of the then-World Tag Team Champions The Cradle Shock, Giant Guppy and the refusal to participate by one-half of the challenging team, an on the spot decision by chairman Vince Russo allowed Dew and Jeff to receive a title shot against the remaining halves of Cradle Shock and the challenging team (Hannah Layla and Frederick Francis respectively). Dew and Winninger were victorious, earning Dew his first championship in New-WWE.

Following the win, Dew was targeted by Hannah Layla, who suspected he was the one who took out Giant Guppy.

Finishers & Signatures

  • Triangle Choke
  • Overdrive
  • Modified Russian Leg Sweep

Title History


Other Accomplishments

  • 1x CAW Champion of Champions (Current)

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