DWF Season 1

DWF Started In 2005 On August 5th With DWF Pain Where Goku & Gohan Won The DWF Tag Team Championship, Link Winning The United States Championship & King Kong Capturing The DWF Championship

The Next Week, A Three Way Tag Team Match Was Announced, Jay & Silent Bob Defeated Nightwing & Beast Boy & Mario Bros To Face DragonBall Z At DWF SummerShowdown For The Tag Team Championship

DWF SummerShowdown Took Place August 21st 2005 In Columbus,Ohio

Jay & Silent Bob Defeat Goku & Gohan To Win The DWF Tag Team Championship

Jay Pins Goku After Executing The Strike-Back

Luigi Defeats Mario & Link To Win The United States Championship

Luigi Pinned Link After Hitting The Mushroom Splash

Mr Clean Defeats Eminem

Mr Clean Pins Eminem After Hitting The Cleany Press

Rinoa Defeats Sakura,Lisa & Marge Simpson To WIn The Women's Championship

Rinoa Pins Marge After The Final Flight

The Hulk Defeats King Kong In A 3 Stages Of Hell match To WIn The DWF Championship

Kong Defeats Hulk In Regular Match

Hulk Defeats Kong In Hardcore

Hulk Defeats Kong In A Hell In A Cell

DWF Season 2:The Road To Halloween Havoc

After A Month Hiatus, DWF Returned With A Bang Starting With New GM Andrew Madden Announcing A Triple Threat Match Between King Kong,Zodiac & Ben 10 Where The Winner Faces Hulk For The DWF Title At Halloween Havoc, Hulk Won The Match Thus Earning The Right To Face Hulk For The Title, The Match Was Announced As A Ironman Match,

DWF Halloween Havoc Took Place October 19th In Detroit, Michigan

Zodiac & Zombie Christian Defeat The Teen Titans

'Freddy Krueger Defeats Mario To Retain The DWF Hardcore Championship'

Freddy Hits The Iron Claw On Mario To Win

Jay & Silent Bob Defeat Team Anime (Ichigo & Kyo) To Retain The DWF Tag Team Championship

Conehead Defeats Mr Clean In A NoDQ Match

Conhead Pins Clean After Hitting Him With Brass Knuckles

King Kong Defeats Hulk To Win The DWF Championship

Kong Won 8-7 To Win

After The Match,GodZilla Debuted And Attacked King Kong

After Halloween Havoc, Andrew Madden Asked GodZilla Why Is He Here In DWF, GodZilla Replied 'The Reason I Am Here is Because I Want To Show King Kong What A Real Monster Can Do', Madden Announced A DWF Championship match At November Reign Where King Kong Defends Against Godzilla & Hulk In A HIAC Match.

The Hulk Was Ticked Off After Losing The DWF Championship And Started To Attack Numerous SuperStars Such As Nighwing,Aquaman & Link, Madden Announced A 3 On 1 Handicap NoDQ Match At November Reign Between Hulk vs Aquamam,Nightwing & Link.

DWF November Reign Took Place November 15th 2005 In Miami,Florida

Team Anime Defeat Jay & Silent Bob & DragonBallz To Win The DWF Tag Team Championship

Kyo Pins Jay After A Frog Splash

Beavis & Butthead Defeated Johnny Cage & Reptile

Butthead Pins Reptile After The Head-Butt

Aquaman,Link & Nightwing Defeat Hulk

Link Pins Hulk After The Z-DT

Michael Myers Debuted And Attacked Hulk

Darth Vader Defeats Cyclops

Vader Pins Cyclops After The Tombstone

GodZilla Defeats King Kong & Hulk In HIAC To Win The DWF Championship

GodZilla Pins King Kong After Chokeslamming Him On Top Off The Cell

DWF Season 3:Road To The Rumble

DWF Returned After A Month Hiatus And Were Shocked By The Death of WWE SuperStar Eddie Guerrero.Madden Announced A Tribute Show For Guerrero.In The Main Event, GodZilla Defeated Michael Myers To Retain The DWF Championship.

On The First DWF Pain Of 2006, Madden Announced That Hulk Was Injured During The HIAC Match And Is Now Out For A Year.GodZilla Was Pleased How He Injured Hulk But Found Out He Would Defend The DWF Championship Against Link At The Rumble.

After Losing The DWF Tag Team Championships To DragonBallz, Ichigo Attacked Kyo Blaming Him For Losing The Match Witch Led To A Ladder Match For Sakura Haruno's Contract At The Rumble

DWF The Rumble Took Place January 15th In New York City

DragonBallz Defeat Chavo Guerrero & Rey Mysterio To Retain The DWF Tag Team Championship

Goku Pins Chavo After The Swanton Bomb

Nightwing Defeats Aquaman

Nightwing Pins Aquaman After The Night-Driver

Ichigo Kurasaki Defeats Kyo In A Ladder Match For Sakura's Contract

Sakura Interfiere On Ichigo's Behalf

GodZilla Defeats Link By DQ For The DWF Championship

GodZilla Hit Link With A Chair While The Ref Was Up

Superman Wins The Rumble Match To Face GodZilla At SlamaMania

Superman Last Eliminates Johnny Cage

1 Darth Vader

2 Kyo

3 Johnny Cage

4 ConeHead

5 Mr Clean

6 Freddy Krueger

7 Jason

8 Barry Chuckle

9 Paul Chucke

10 Aquaman

11 Nightwing

12 Goku

13 Gohan

14 Jay

15 Silent Bob

16 Beavis

17 Butthead

18 Ichigo

19 Sagat

20 Reptile

21 Chavo

22 Rey Mysterio

23 Mario

24 Luigi

25 Michael Myers

26 Cyclops

27 Zombie Christian

28 Zodiac

29 Haru Glory

30 Superman-WINNER

DWF Season 4:Road To SlamaMania 1

After SuperMan Won The Rumble Match, He Had To Pick A Stipulation For His Match With GodZilla.Madden Announced That The SuperMan/Godzilla Match Will Be Loser Leaves DWF Match For The DWF Championship

Madden Announced A 4 Team Gauntlet Match For SlamaMania For The DWF Tag Team Championship Betweem DragonBallz (c),Jay & Silent Bob,Beavis & Butthead & The Chuckle Brothers

DWF SlammaMania Took Place March 23rd In Los Angelis California

Haru Glory Defeats Freddy,Jason & Cyclops To WIn The Hardcore Championship

Chcukle Brothers Win Th DWF Tag Team Championship In A Gauntlet Match

Zodiac Defaets Zombie C

Zodiac Pins Zombie C After The Dominator

Link & Mario Defeat Luigi & Yoshi

Mario Hits The Super Mario Stunner On Luigi

Yoshi Was Luigi's Partner

Aquman Defeats Mr Clean In A Hardcore From Hell Match

Aquaman Pins Clean After A Elbow Drop Threw The Table

Jimmy Snuka Defeats Roddy Piper In Legends Exibiton Match

Snuka Won From An Interfierence From The Rock

GodZilla Defeats SuperMan In A Loser Leaves DWF Match For The DWF Champiosnhip

GodZilla Pins SuperMan After The ChokeSlam

King Kong Returned For The First Time In 2 Months And Attacked GodZilla

DWF Season 5:The Shocking Moment

After SlammaMania,Mario Was Scheduled To Face Mr Clean In A NoDQ Match But Was Attacked By Luigi & Yoshi The Fight Took Place Outside of The Arena And Mario, Luigi & Yoshi Were On Top Of A Building Luigi Pushed Mario Off The Building And Killed Him in The Process

With SuperMan Gone From DWF, King Kong Renewed His Feud With GodZilla And Challenged GodZilla To A Death Match At No Turning Away For The DWF Championship In Which He Accepted

DWF No Turning Away Took Place April 1st In Washington, DC

Chuckle Brothers Defeat Beavis & Butthead To Retain The DWF Tag Team Championship

Johnny Cage Defeats Reptile

Link Defeats Yoshi

King Kong Defeats GodZilla In A DeathMatch To Win The DWF Championship

Kong Tombstones GodZilla And Landed On His Head And Died

After The Match, A Video Aired With The Words 'YOUR NEXT'

DWF Season 5:The Invasion

After No Turning Away, Andrew Madden Wanted To Know Who Was Responsible For The Video Airing At NTA, T-100 Debuted And Told Madden That The Person Behind The Video Is A CAW Legend And A Current BMCAW Superstar.Madden Replied 'Why Is Some BMCAW Wannabey Wanting To Come To DWF Just To Kill It

With GodZilla Dead, King Kong Defended The DWF Championship Against A Mystery Opponent, The Opponent Turned Out To be BMCAW Champion, Sephroth, Septhroth Won The DWF Championship And Took It To BMCAW

The Next Week, Madden Called Out BMCAW Owner Joe Sampson But Sampson Did'nt Come Out,Madden Announced A Championship Unifictaion Match Between Sephroth & King Kong For Slamboree

DWF Slammboree Took Place May 6th In Charlotte, North Carolina

Link Defeats Jeff Hardy

Link Pins Hardy After The Headbutt

Jeff Hardy Was in DWF For One Appearance

T-100 Defeats Luigi In A Hardcore Match

T-100 Pins Luigi After The Virus Threw A Table

Andrew Madden Defeats Joe Sampson In A Steel Cage Match

Madden Escapes The Cage

Freddy Defeats Jason In A Horror Icon Street Fight

Freddy Suplexes Jason On To The Announce Table

King Kong Defeats Sephroth To Win Both The BMCAW And DWF Championship

Kong Wins Thanks To An Interfierence From Cloud Strife

DWF Season 6:The Person is Revealed

After The InVasion,Madden Found Out The Person behind The Videos, It Was The Terminator, Who Wanted To Kill DWF For Mocking NoDQ CAW.Terminator Brought The NoDQ CAW Championship, Which Was Last Held By Luigi, He Later Announced Himself As The NoDQ CAW Champion

With Mario Dead, Link Reformed The Nintendo World Order With Luigi & Yoshi, They Later Feuded With Newcomers Bart And Milhouse After Mocking Bart's Family

The Women's Divison Was Not Heard Since Season 1, So Madden Announced A Six Diva Battle Royal To Crown A New Women's Champion, Peach Won The Match And Winning The Women's Title

With King Kong The DWF Undisputed Champion, He Found Out That He Would Defend His Title Against Jason Voorhees

In A Ladder Match At June Massacre

DWF June Massacre Took Place June 23rd In Manchester, England

Peach Defeats Lisa Simpson To Retain The DWF Women's Championship

Peach Wins Thank To An Interfiearence From Link

Chuckle Brothers Defeat Chavo & Rey To Retain The DWF Tag Team Championship

Muhhamad Hassan Defeats Johnny Cage

This Is Hassan's Debut Match

Terminator Defeats Spider-Man To Retain The NoDQ CAW Championship

Terminator Wins After T-100 Attacks Spider-Man

The Simpsons Defeat Luigi & Yoshi

Bart Hits Luigi With Simpson Stunner

Jason Voorhees Defeats King Kong To Win The DWF Undisputed Championship In A Ladder Match

Jason Grabs The Belt

DWF Season 7:The Road To Birthday Bash

With Hassasn In DWF,Fans Were Begining To Hate Hassan After What He Had Done In WWE The Previous Year,Hassan Announced Open Challenge To Any DWF Superstar At Birthday Bash

With Jason As Undisputed Champion,He Said That At Birthday Bash, He Wanted To Challenge Any NoDQ Superstar He Has'nt Defeated Before, The Hulk Showed For The First Time Since Season 2 And Accepted Jason's Challenge

With Mario Not Heard Since Season 5, The NWO Started Mocking Mario Because He Was A Bit Too Soft For The NWO Suddenly, A Video Aired With The Words'Link, What You Did To Me Was A Cowardly Act So,At Birthday Bash, I Am Going To Get Revenge On You'. Fans Cheered As Mario Is Returning To DWF

DWF Birthday Bash Took Place July 4th In Brooklyn,New York

Stacy Keibler Defeats Peach To Win The Women's Championship

Keibler Rolls Up Peach For The Win

Muhhamad Hassan Defeats Reptile

Hassan Wins Thanks To Daivari

Mario Defeats Link In A TriForce Match

Mario Pins Link After The Mario Stunner Through A Table

Bart Simpson Defeats Terminator To WIn The NoDQ CAW Championship

Milhouse Interfieres On Bart's Behalf

The Hulk Defeats Jason To Win The DWF Championship

Hulk Wins After A Big Boot

The Undisputed championship Is Changed To DWF Championship

DWF Season 8:The Road To SummerShowDown 2006

On DWF's 2 Year Anniversary Show, Madden Fired Terminator & T-100 For Invading DWF And Stealing The DWF Championship From Us

With Hulk As Champ,He Challenged Anyone From His Past For The DWF Title At SummerShowDown,King Kong Came Out And Was Not Heard Of Since June Massacre And He Said That The Fans Want See Us A SS06 For One Last Time, Hulk Accepted The Offer

With Bart As NoDQ Champion, He And Milhouse Turned Heel After Joining The NoDQ World Order Along With Link & Luigi, Homer Simpson Debuted And Was Angry At Bart After Leaving His Family To Come To DWF, Bart Told Homer "You Can't Wrestle", Homer Was Angry And Attacked Bart

DWF SummerShowDown 2006 Took Place August 5th In Miami, Florida

Jay And Silent Bob Defeat The Chcukle Brothers To Win the DWF Tag Team Championship

Silent Bob Hit The Pedigree To Win

Chucky Defeats Mr Clean To Win The Hardcore Championship

Chucky Hits Clean With A Sledghammer To WIn

Bart Defeats Homer SImpson To Retain The NoDQ CAW Championship

Bart Ran Over Homer Simpson WIth A Car To WIn

Hulk Defeats King Kong To Retain The DWF Championship

Hulk Splashes Kong To WIn

This King Kong's Last DWF Appearance After Being Released

DWF Season 9:The Debut Of Liu Kang

After SS06, Liu Kang Debuted And Defeated Fellow MK Combatant, Johnny Cage After This, he Formed A Alliance With Cage & Reptile To Feud With The NoDQ World Order

Madden Announced A Elimination Chamber Match For The DWF Championship.He Announced That Hulk Will Defend Against Muhhamad Hassan,Mr Clean,Mario,Sagat & Jason

DWF Unforgettable Took Place September 9th In Richmond, Virginia

Terra Defeats Stacy Keibler To WIn The Women's Championship

Terra Pins Stacy After The Titan's Edge

Liu Kang,Reptile & Johnny Cage Defeat Bart,Milhouse & Link

Liu Kang Pins Bart After The Buzzsaw Kick

Thor Defeats Bane

Thor Pins Bane After The PowerBomb

Spiderman Defeats Luigi

Spiderman Pins Luigi After The Spidey Splash

Mr Clean Wins The Elimination Chamber Match And Wins The DWF Championship

Mr Clean Last Pins Hulk

Hulk Pins Hassan

Clean Pins Mario

Sagat Pins Jason

DWF Season 10:Road To The Rumble 07

DWF Took 3-Months Off And Returned On January 1st

Mr Clean Wanted Competion As He is DWF Champion, Hassan & Daivari Came Out And Challenged Mr Clean At The Rumble For DWF Championship WHich Mr Clean Accepted

Eminem Returned To DWF With Not Being Heard Of Since Season 1 And Defeated Conehead, Who Was'nt Heard Of Since The Rumble 06 And Was Later Challenged By The Returning Marge Simpson, Who Wanted To Show Respect Towards Women

With Bane In DWF, He Later Formed A Alliance With Muhhamad Hassan And Daivari And Feuded With Mr Clean

DWF The Rumble 07 Took Place January 19th In Sanintonio, Texas

Marge Simpson Defeats Eminem

Marge Pins Eminem After A Low Blow And A Pin

Jason Defeats Silver Surfer

Jason Wins After Guilotine On A Chair

Liu Kang Defeats Andrew Madden

Kang Wins After A Buzzsaw Kick

Mr Clean Defeats Muhhamad Hassan To Retain The DWF Championship

Bane & Daivari Tried To Interfier But Failed

Mario Wins The Rumble Match

Mario Last Eliminates Luigi

DWF Season 10:The New GM Of Pain

After Losing At The Rumble, Madden Was Fired And Was Replaced By His Son Matthew Madden, This Would Be The Last Time That Madden Would be In a CAW League Due To Hating CAW Wrestling

Mr Clean Was'nt Sure About Mario Winning The Rumble Match As He Remembered When Mario Was Killed Back In Season 5, Mario Came Out And Told Mr Clean That Back In NoDQ CAW, You Were A Interactive Champion And A Tag Team Champion And Now You Want To Show Some Respect Towards The DWF & NoDQ CAW

Mortal Kombat Began A Losing Streak After The Rumble, After Losing To Beavis & Butthead, Reptile Turned On Cage And Kang And Brought In Jax To Feud With Them.DWF Announced That At SlammaMania 07, Jax & Reptile Will Take On Liu kang In MK Rules Match

After Luigi's Failed Attempted At The Rumble, Link Warned Luigi The Next Time He Loses, He's Fired From The NWO, Luigi Lost To Daivari, Moments After The Match, Link,Bart & Milhouse Attacked Luigi But Yoshi Returned And Made The Save For Luigi But Yoshi Helped Luigi Up But Attacked Luigi And Joining The NoDQ World Order

DWF SlammaMania 07 Took Place March 19th In Richmond, Virginia

Terra Defeats Marge Simpson To Retain The Women's Championship

Terra Wins After The Titan's Edge Through A Table

Silver Surfer Defeats Fox McCloud

Silver Wins After The Silver Lining

Bart,Milhouse & Link Defeat Luigi,The Hulk & Captain America

Milhouse Pins Hulk After The SuperKick

This Is Captain America's Debut

Liu Kang & Johnny Cage Defeat Jax & Reptile In MK Rules

Liu Kang Kills Reptile By Hitting A Emerald Infusion On Top Of His Head

Mario Defeats Mr Clean To WIn The DWF Championship

Mario Rolls Up Mr Clean For The Win

The NoDQ World Order Came Out Teased A Attack On Mario And Mr Clean, Mr Clean And Mario Turn Heel By Joining Them

After Mr Clean & Mario Joined The NWO, Luigi Formed An Alliance With The Hulk To Feud WIth The NWO,Luigi Challenged Mario For The DWF Championship At No Turning Away Which Mario Accepted

After Cage & Kang Killed Reptile, Jax Wanted Cage And Kang Dead So He Brought In Sub Zero & Scorpion To Face Them At NTA In Another MK Rules Match

Captain America Was On A Roll Since Debuting At SlammaMania, he Was Undefeated Until Losing A Match To Guile Thanks To The Interfierence From Eminem, The Week Before NTA, Eminem Challenged America To A Match Which America Accepted

DWF No Turning Away 07 Took Place May 19th In Harlem, New York

Bart & Milhouse Defeat Jay & Silent Bob To Win the DWF Tag Team Championship

Bart Pins Jay After The Bart-KO

Johnny Cage & Liu Kang Defeat Sub Zero & Scorpion In MK Rules

Cage & Kang Kill S-Z & Scorpion After A Double Team PileDriver On The Ring Steps

Terra Defeats Christy Hemme

Terra Wins After The Titan's Edge

Captain America Defeats Eminem

America Hits The American Slam For The Win

Luigi Defeats Mario To Win The DWF Championship

Luigi Wins Despite The NWO Interfiering

Jax Killed Cage & Kang Backstage By Driving Them Over With A Car

DWF Season 12:The Return Of A Legend

After Mario Lost, Homer Simpson Returned After Being Run Over By Bart In Season 8 Challenging Mario To A Ladder Match Where The Loser Get's Fired From DWF

Luigi Was Challenged By Link For The DWF Championship Which Luigi Accepted, After The Annoncment, Thor Made His Return To DWF With Not Being Heard Since Season 9 Wanted To Face Luigi Instead Of Link, Matthew Madden Came Out And Announced A Triple Threat Match Between Thor,Link & Luigi For The DWF Championship

With Johnny Cage,Liu Kang,Sub Zero,Scorpion & Reptile Dead, Jax Was The Only MK In DWF But Street Fighter's Sagat Returned After 3 Seasons Gone And Challenged Jax In Which Jax Accepted

DWF June Massacre Was DWF's Last CPV As It Closed On July 5th

Sagat Defeats Jax

Sagat Wins After The Tiger Suplex

Bane Defeats Muhhamad Hassan & Daivari

Bane Pins Hassan After The F5

Homer Simpson Defeats Mario In Loser Leaves DWF Ladder Match

Homer Wins After an Interfiearence From Bart

Thor Defeats Link & Luigi To Become DWF's Last Champion

Thor Wins After Pinning Link