Divas Championship
Current champion(s) Vacant
Date Won N/A
League New-WWE
Brand Raw
Introduced 2009
Retired 2016
Most reigns Maria Lopez
First Champion Victoria
Last Champion Sasha Banks
Longest Reign AJ Lee (2nd reign)
Shortest Reign Maria Lopez (8th reign)
Heaviest Champion
Lightest Champion
Other Name(s) -
Past design(s) ASW Divas Championship

The Divas Championship was formerly the sole women's division championship in New-WWE. It debuted as part of the Smackdown brand, where it was defended until the champion, Pam, was traded to Raw and brought the title with her. At Backlash 4, the Divas championship was unified with the Women's Championship. Following the return of the brand extension in Season 10, the title became exclusive to Raw after Sasha Banks was drafted there during her second title reign. On the first episode of Raw following the brand split being put into place, Raw General Manager John Kimble retired the Divas Championship, replacing it with a new female division championship for Raw in the form of the WWE Women's Championship. The first Divas Champion in the CAW adaptation of New-WWE was Victoria. The final champion was Sasha Banks, in her second reign as champion. AJ Lee has the longest reign, while Sheena Marie has the shortest.

Wrestler: Times: Notes: Brand:
Victoria 1 Defeated Candice on Superstars. Smackdown
Maria 1 Defeated Victoria on Smackdown. Smackdown
Maryse 1 Defeated Maria on Smackdown. Smackdown
Janice Miller 1 Defeated Maryse on Smackdown. Smackdown
Yuna 1 Defeated Janice Miller on Superstars in the first ever MERCURIUS' HD VIXENZ INVITATIONAL. Smackdown
Miley Cyrus 1 Defeated Yuna on Smackdown. Smackdown
Janice Miller 2 Defeated Miley Cyrus at The Bash. Smackdown
Pam 1 Defeated Janice Miller at Bragging Rights. Smackdown
Title moved to Raw as a result of Pam being traded there during her reign.
Sheena Marie 1 Defeated Pam & Pablo Gonzales alongside Dorf Liggleton at No Mercy. Raw
Pam 2 Defeated Sheena Marie on Raw. Raw
Michelle McCool 1 Defeated Pam and The Woman in the Red Dress at Breaking Point 2. Raw
The Woman in the Red Dress 1 Defeated Michelle McCool at Hell in a Cell. Raw
Sheena Marie 2 Defeated The Woman in the Red Dress at The Bash 2. Raw
Pam 3 Defeated Sheena Marie at Fatal Four Way. Raw
Maria Lopez 1 Defeated Pam and Lillith Miller at No Mercy 2. Raw
Pam 4 Defeated Maria Lopez, Maryse, and Sheena Marie at Elimination Chamber. Raw
Maria Lopez 2 Defeated Pam at WrestleMania VI. Raw
Maria Lopez defeated Women's Champion Lillith Miller at Backlash 4, merging the Divas and Women's titles together. The Women's title is de-activated and the Divas title becomes the sole women's division title in New-WWE, able to be defended on either brand.
Michelle McCool 2 Defeated Maria Lopez at Judgment Day 4. Smackdown
Melina 1 Defeated Michelle McCool and Maria Lopez at Hell in a Cell 2. Raw
Lillith Miller 1 Defeated Melina at TLC 2. Smackdown
Maria Lopez 3 Defeated Lillith Miller and Melina at Elimination Chamber 2. Raw
Lillith Miller 2 Defeated Maria Lopez at WrestleMania VII. Smackdown
Pam 5 Defeated Lillith Miller and Maria Lopez at Judgment Day 5. Raw
Maria Lopez 4 Defeated Pam at Night of Champions 4. Raw
Maryse 2 Defeated Maria Lopez, Layla, and Lillith Miller in a battle royal at Summerslam 5. Raw
Lillith Miller 3 Defeated Maryse at Hell in a Cell 3. Smackdown
Michelle McCool 3 Defeated Lillith Miller at New-WWE Over the Limit 3. Smackdown
Michelle McCool announces she is co-holding the Divas Championship with Layla during her reign.
Michelle McCool (3) and Layla (1) 1 Continued from the previous reign. Smackdown
Maria Lopez 5 Defeated Michelle McCool on Superstars. Raw
Michelle McCool (4) and Layla (2) 2 Defeated Maria Lopez at Royal Rumble 5 in a handicap match. Smackdown
Trish Stratus 1 Defeated Layla at Backlash 6. Raw
Kharma 1 Defeated Maryse, Maria Lopez and Trish Stratus at Fatal Four Way 3. Smackdown
Maria Lopez 6 Defeated Kharma at Night of Champions 5 Raw
Eve 1 Defeated Maria Lopez at Summerslam 6 Raw
Pam 6 Defeated Eve at Over the Limit 4. Raw
Maria Lopez 7 Defeated Pam at WrestleMania IX. Raw
Lillith Miller 4 Defeated Maria Lopez at Judgment Day 6. Smackdown
Layla 3 Defeated Lillith Miller at Over the Edge. Raw
Maria Lopez 8 Defeated Layla at Night of Champions 6. Raw
Eve 2 Defeated Maria Lopez on Raw. Raw
AJ Lee 1 Defeated Eve on Raw. Raw
Brie Bella 1 Defeated AJ on Raw. Raw
AJ Lee 2 Defeated Brie Bella on Smackdown. Raw
Lita 1 Defeated AJ Lee at Hell in a Cell 6. Raw
Kaitlyn 1 Defeated Lita on Smackdown. Smackdown
Summer Rae 1 Defeated Kaitlyn and AJ Lee at Royal Rumble 8. Raw
Paige 1 Defeated Summer Rae at Extreme Rules 8. Raw
Athena Snow 1 Defeated Paige at Summerslam 9. Smackdown
Paige 2 Defeated Athena Snow and Lillith Miller at Battleground 2. Raw
Tia Red 2 Defeated Sasha Banks, Paige, Lillith Miller, Athena Snow, and Nikki Bella in a Battle Royal at Royal Rumble 9. Smackdown
Sasha Banks 1 Defeated Tia Red on Smackdown. Raw
Athena Snow 2 Defeated Sasha Banks and Maria Lopez at Money in the Bank 6. Smackdown
Sasha Banks 2 Defeated Athena Snow, Paige, and Tia Red in a Ladder Match at Summerslam X. Raw
Title becomes exclusive to Raw as a result of Sasha Banks being drafted there during her reign as part of the Season 10 Brand Extension, and is de-activated shortly afterward.
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