Divided We Brawl is an annual cpv for the CAW promotion Deep Impact Wrestling. Divided We Brawl is home to the annul 20 man over the top rope battle royal with the winner going to the main event of Brawlmania to face the DIW Champion.

2009 Results

# Result Stipulation
1 S.O.S {c} defeated Dee Jay, Stevie Francis and Reaper fatal 4-way falls count anywhere match for the DIW Youtube Championship
2 Nu DX (Stevi T and The Exterminator) defeated De Fight & Masked Marauder {c} tables match for the DIW Tag Team Championship
3 Illution defeated Necro singles # 1 contender match for the DIW Tag team Titles
4 Da Game defeated J Smith singles match were the loser has to leave DIW
5 Ryan defeated D-Mack {c} singles hardcore match for the DIW X-division Championship
6 The Vampire defeated Bonaparde and Captain Aussie triple threat match
7 Diablo {c} defeated Captain McCoy singles Hell in a Cell match for the DIW Championship

Royal Rumble results

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Reaper 9 Stevie Francis
2 Masked Marauder 3 Reaper
3 Chris Rock 14 Stevie Francis
4 Illution 11 Stevie Francis
5 Matt 2 Illution & Chris Rock
6 C. Haos 1 Matt & Illution
7 Stevie Francis Winner -
8 Bonaparde 4 Reaper & Stevie Francis
9 Stevi T 16 Stevie Francis
10 Necro 5 Illution
11 Da Game 7 Chris Rock
12 Ryan 6 Chris Rock & Da Game
13 S.O.S 10 Illution
14 Captain Aussie 8 Stevi T
15 The Vampire 19 Stevie Francis
16 Shadow 12 The Vampire
17 Maxlestein 13 Chris Rock
18 D-Mack 18 The Vampire & Stevie Francis
19 Dee Jay 15 The Vampire & D-Mack
20 De Fight 17 D-Mack & Stevie Francis


  • Maxlestien returned to DIW for the first time since last years Divided We Brawl where he was kayfabe fired.

Divided We Brawl 2010

Divided We Brawl 2010 is the 5th CPV from DIW in the second season,and the second to last CPV before DIWs flagship CPV BrawlMania III.

Match Card

# Match Result Stipulation.
1 Nathan Slash def. Jay O'Matic --
2 Violet def. Nichole (c), Sunny, and Emily T 4 Diva Battly Royal for the DIW Womens Championship.
3 Stevi T def. Pier Extreme Rules Match
4 Lu Bu (c) def. Sean Low Jr. Hardcore Match for DIW Intercontenental Championship
5 Extreme Dan def. Andre Rubio No Holds Barred Match
6 Wolrd Elite (c) def. The Luther Bros. DIW Tag Team Championship
7 Edward Slaughter def. Grand Master Bling --
8 Illution def Maxelstein via Countout DIW World Championship
9 Ryan def. The Exterminator (c) DIW Championship
10 Darren Matthews def. Ryan (c) DIW Championship
11 Stevi T last Eliminates Curtis Killings Divided We Brawl Match


  • 2: set to be 6 man battle royal featuring Carmen Chan and Kimberly Persia, but both were taken out.
  • 4: After the match, Dark Reign and Justin Sparks attack Lu Bu
  • 5: An imposter Dan originally fought Rubio, Shadow Vega attacked Rubio and the real Dan pinned Rubio
  • 6: After the match, The Luthers Quit.
  • 8; After the match: Maxelstein put Illution through a Table
  • 10: Steven Viper attacked Ryan after the match against Exterminator, Darren Matthews cashed in MITB.
  • 11: Diablo distracted Killings during the match, after the match, Diablo attacked Killings.

Rumble Results

Order of Entry Superstar Brand Order of Elim. Eliminated By
1 Shadow Vega CIW 1 Kevin Kash
2 Reaper Dungeon 7 Quick Silver
3 Kevin Kash Dungeon 2 Reaper
4 Nathan Slash CIW 3 Reaper
5 Ben Hitman Dungeon 4 Quick Silver
6 Quick Silver Dungeon 23 The Vampire
7 Haze Dungeon 8 Steven Viper
8 Steven Viper CIW 9 Robbie Lethal
9 Lu Bu Dungeon 6 Quick Silver
10 Justin Sparks Dungeon 5 Reaper
11 Dark Reign Dungeon 21 Silent Death
12 Robbie Lethal CIW 12 D-Mack
13 General Nagasaki CIW 10 Johnny Fortune
14 Johnny Fortune CIW 13 Edward Slaughter
15 D-Mack Dungeon 17 Edward Slaughter
16 Shamus McCoy Dungeon 11 D-Mack
17 Edward Slaughter CIW 20 Dark Reign
18 Royta Mishino CIW 14 D-Mack
19 Ben Giganta CIW 15 Edward Slaughter
20 Johnson CIW 16 Edward Slaughter
21 S.O.S Dungeon 18 Dark Reign
22 Masked Marauder CIW 19 Dark Reign
23 Silent Death CIW 22 The Vampire
24 The Vampire CIW 28 Curtis Killings
25 Grand Master Bling CIW 24 The Vampire
26 Sean Low Jr. Dungeon 25 The Vampire
27 Stevi T Dungeon N/A N/A
28 De Fight Dungeon 26 The Vampire
29 Shane 'Pyro' Low Dungeon 27 The Vampire
30 Curtis Killings CIW 29 Stevi T

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