Debuting in CXWI

Before debuting in CXWI, Bowser made a challenge to Mario, a tag team match at Golden Ambitions 4, to where if Mario and Luigi won, Bowser would release Peach and pay for the abortion, however, if Bowser and his mystery partner at the time won, Mario would become his personal slave and plans for Luigi were yet unknown. Donkey Kong debuted on the 49th edition of Hitz, to team along side Bowser against The Order members, Senelicr and Tails, in which they won. After the match, they were attacked by the Mario Bros., in which Bowser and DK proceeded to get their heads knocked in. On the 10 episode of Charge: The Road to Golden Ambitions 4, Donkey Kong took on Mario, and beat him with ease. After that match, Luigi ran out and tried to attempt a double team on Donkey Kong, but Donkey Kong over powered both of them. Unfortunately, he and Bowser lost to The Mario Bros. at Golden Ambitions 4.

World Title Picture

At CXWI Viva Las Vegas, Donkey Kong won a 10-Man Royal Rumble to win a spot in the World Title Vote at CXWI Hyperlink Revolution, where he came second in the votes. So, that ended quickly.

Arcade Division

DK has recently joined the Arcade Division by defeating Leon S. Kennedy and Sonic in an Arcade Qualifying match. Let's see how he does.


  • Walls of Kong (Walls of Jericho)
  • Jungle Loving (Iron Bearhug)
  • Lower Clothesline

Championships and accomplishments


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