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This page is meant for comedic purposes only, laugh it out!


The asshole who's responsible for all this. Allegedly.

The Dory Funk Jr. Gym is a CAW training facility. It was the training ground for many joke CAWs.

Contrary to the name, it is unknown whether or not Dory Funk Jr. has anything to do with the gym, whatsoever.



The Dory Funk Jr. Gym in all its glory.


  • While Biff Andreas was trained by Dory Funk Jr., it is unknown whether or not his training took place inside the mythical gym. In late 2013, Biff Andreas revealed that he was in fact trained in the gym, and was discovered by Danny Jackpot during his training.
  • Though originally trained there, Rod Queerstreet no longer acknowledges the Dory Funk Jr. Gym as his trainer and instead chooses to give all credit to WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan and his series of Youtube videos.
  • Rip Beefgnaw holds the distinction of being the only DCO original to have not been trained in the Dory Funk Jr. Gym, instead having received personal training by Verne Gagne.

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