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The following page is a non-original CAW from Cartoons to Movies.

Drew Pickles
Names Drew Pickles
Height 5"9
Weight 160 lbs
Born November 16, 1949 (Age 61)
Birthplace Drewland, TN
Died December 14, 2010 (reincarnated two days after death)
A high school in New Jersey
Resides Drewland, TN (1949-present)
Billed from Millions
Trained by Ronald McDonald
Debut 2009
Retired present

Drew Pickles (b. November 16, 1949- d. December 14, 2010, reincarnated December 16, 2010) is a CAW featured in RAWR, where he was the current RAWR World Heavyweight Champion. He also makes appearances in New-WWE. Outside of wrestling, he is a successful porn star and is the undisputed gayest man in the universe. He died in a threat when somebody stabbed him and 6 of his other friends on December 14, 2010. Two days later, halfway toward his funeral service, he was reincarnated and brought back to life



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