Dwain Chambers
Names Dwain Chambers
Height 6'0"
Weight 183 lbs
Born April 5th, 1978
Birthplace Castleford, England
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Castleford, England
Billed from Castleford, England
Trained by Mike McFarlane
Debut 1997
Retired {{{retired}}}

Dwain Chambers is known as a steroid abuser. Growing up in Castleford, England, Dwain lived an average life. He was such a wrestling fan he even held wrestling tournaments in his backyard with his friends. His carrer lead him to a state wrestler in Memphis, Tenneessee. Dwain was discovered by WH Champion, Poison Bee. Poison led Dwayne into WH were he began his carrer as a WH superstar. Also Dwayne is a profound champion in Word Triumphant Wrestling Entertainment (WTWE). A sample for an out-of-competition drugs test that Chambers had provided in Germany on 1 August 2003 was re-examined in October and subsequently tested positive for banned substances. He would recieve a 2 year ban, and was banned for life at competiting at the Olympics.

2 Year Competition Ban

Dwain Chambers 463461a

Dwain reacting to the news of his ban being overturned

Banned from competition, Chambers had to search out alternative outlets for his athletic prowess. He had been considering a switch to American football prior to the ban to emulate his hero Renaldo Nehemiah. Attempting to follow in his footsteps, Chambers tried out — unsuccessfully — with Nehemiah's old team, the San Francisco 49ers. As a result he drifted on to the celebrity circuit, appearing on British reality television series Hell's Kitchen in May 2004. However, Chambers had little interest in the show and soon chose to leave. He remained out of the limelight for over a year and a half, appearing in neither sporting events nor television.

Olympics Chances Improved

He would return to lose to AKIRA TOZAWA on Thunder. However, his hopes of competiting in the Olympics increased after Anti-Doping Agency claimed that the BOA's ruling wasn't legal. He would now gain a chance of entering the olympics at London 2012. However, Chambers form this year has been poor, and has failed to run the A-Standard required to get in the Olympics. If he doesn't run this time before the cut of date of the 1st of July, he will not qualify for the Olympics. But since he ran an A-Standard time last summer, he's highly likely to get a place.

2012 Olympian

61287592 dwainchambersolympics

Dwain on being selected

Dwain Chambers was selected by Team GB for 100m and 4x100m races. No word if he would put his WCW Career on hold as a result. Reports state that some hick from some Southern American state might fill in for him till the Olympics.

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