EBA Sabotage 2010

Location: Asbuary Park NJ

EBA Championship Three Way Dance Psyko Edge VS Shawn Matthews VS Danzig

EBA Tag Team Title Match Plague And Quake VS Dennis/Eric Anderson

EBA Internet Championship The Executioner (C) VS Ace Reed

Hardcore Championship 4 way sudden death Match Nick Adams (c) VS Anarchy VS 2 Hardcore JC VS The Nail

The Pen Name VS The Tim Lee

Pyro/Raiden VS Scotty Skills And Freakshow

Steven Kell VS Dr Sexy

Adam Owens/Kevin Johnson VS The Masked douchedbags

Results Stipulations
1 Adam Owens & Kevin Johnson defeated The Masked douchedbags (Prick & Ass) Hardcore tag team match
2 Dr. Sexy defeated Steven Kell Hardcore match
3 Team Hammered (Pyro & Raiden) defeated FreakSKills (Freakshow & Scotty Skills) Hardcore tag team match
4 The Pen Name defeated The Tim Lee Hardcore match
5 Nick Adams (c) defeated Anarchy, 2 Hardcore JC and The Nail 4-way match for the EBA Hardcore Championship
6 Ace Reed defeated The Executioner (c) Hardcore match for the EBA Internet Championship
7 Plague & Quake (c) defeated The Andersons ( Dennis & Eric) Hardcore tag team match for the EBA Tag Team Championship
8 Danzig defeated Psyko Edge (c) and Shawn Matthews 3-way dance for the EBA Championship

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