• The Misfits (Piss and Flare) defeated The Faction (Wesley Underhook and Prototype) to retain the ECW Tag Team Championships. (11:07)
  • Piss pinned Underhook after a sit-down takedown while Underhook was on Flare's shoulders.
  • Kimberly Paige defeated Hood to retain the ECW Women's Championship. (5:47)
  • Paige pinned Hood after a rollup.
  • Colossus defeated Metaphor to win the ECW YouTube Championship. (9:51)
  • Colossus pinned Metaphor after a chokeslam.
  • With the loss, Metaphor is no longer undefeated.
  • Eric Samoyd won the 10 Man Money in the Bank Royal Rumble match. (22:01)
  • Samoyd eliminated Papu Papu last to win the match.
  • Devin Foolhardy defeated The Great One in a First Blood match. (12:36)
  • Foolhardy made TGO bleed after a chairshot to the head.
  • Brent defeated Tyrant to win the ECW Championship. (20:27)
  • Brent pinned Tyrant after a Jackhammer through the top of the cell.
  • Eric Samoyd defeated Brent to win the ECW Championship. (0:11)
  • Samoyd pinned Brent after a S.K.O.
  • Samoyd cashed in his Money in the Bank contract that he won earlier in the night.

Money in the Bank results

Draw Entrant Order
1 Adam Pulp 3
2 Yoshi K. 4
3 Blake Tedley 1
4 Chad 6
5 Papu Papu 9
6 Eric Samoyd WINNER
7 Shant 2
8 J.B.L. 8
9 Sermon Bundy 7
10 A.T.A 5

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