Commissioner Thayne Bell
General Manager Braylon Sommers
Commentators Bob Smith and Classic Jack



Match Results

EFF Mayhem Episode 1

  • Kenji Yuri over Pauly Mood via Pinfall
  • Ethan Sixx over Crazy Wolf via Pinfall to retain the EFF Hardcore Championship
  • Azrael Black over George Niles Jr (with George Niles) via Pinfall
  • TJ Bell over Kraven Moore and Matt Bennett via Pinfall
  • War Kid over Casey Walker via Pinfall

EFF Mayhem Episode 2

  • Dyl Dynamite over Crazy Wolf via submission
  • War Kid over Kyle Storm via Pinfall
  • DOA over Daniel Bourne via Pinfall
  • Ethan Sixx over Pauly Mood via Pinfall
  • Dylan Black over Donny Octave via Pinfall

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