The EHWF(Extreme Hardcore Westling Federation) was formed in late September in 2007. This leagues uses a variety of superstars ranging from bodybuilders, horror icons, CAW icons, rarely used CAWs and original superstars.(see roster)

Most matches follow the same rules. No count outs, no disqualifications. However some matches have had special stipulations. For example the title vs. identity cage match between Bruce Lee and Eric Draven(Brandon Lee). Also the Compton Ghetto Brawl in which the only way to win was by knock out only between Tupac and Blade.

In its beginning, the EHWF was a filefront based league and used youtube only for single matches a few weeks before a CPV. However it has in the past few month made the jump to being a youtube based league.

The main show for the EHWF is called Fight Night and there is a new show roughly every two weeks.

One popular CPV was entitled Behind Bars and is similar to TNA's Lockdown and HSW's Steel Mayhem except every match is in a Hell in a Cell!

EHWF has had varying success but due to numerous technical issues and scheduling issues show uploads have been very infrequent. Currently EHWF has been placed on the shelf but there have been multiple rumors of a brief return.

EHWF Title History

  1. - EHWF Championship awarded to Otis Driftwood(1)
  1. Hulk(1) beats Otis Driftwood at Annhilation

  1. The Joker(1) beats The Hulk at EHWF Fight Night 9
  1. General Manager A Pimp Named Slickback vacated the Championship after The Hulk took out both Wierdman and The Joker during their match at Behind Bars

Inter-CAW Title History

  1. Inter-CAW Championship awarded to Jack Torrance(1)
  1. Bruce Lee(1) defeats Torrance at Mid-Year Massacre
  1. Torrance(2) defeats Bruce Lee at Ultimate Destruction
  1. Freddy Kruger(1) defeats Otis Driftwood and Jack Torrance at Behind Bars

EHWF Roster

"Big Daddy" Wierdman, Highflyer Hardy, The Hulk, Tupac, Blade, The Joker, Mr. Incredible, Otis Driftwood, Jack Torrance, Freddy Kruger, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee (formerly known as Eric Draven), Rocky, Rambo, Scotty 2 Hotty, Grandmaster Sexy, Ronnie Coleman, Kingpin, Derek Zoolander, Carrot Top, "The Running Man" Ben Richards, "The Waterboy" Bobby Boucher, Norbit, Rasputia, Mr. Clean

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