The Open Night Fight Championship will is the major championship on the EWC Open Fight Brand. The final champion before the brand merger was Jeff Hardy. The Current Champion in the brand merger is Gunner.{{Championship |name = EWC Open Night Fight Championship |currentholder = Gunner |won = EWC Backlash |league = EWC (Extreme Wrestling Championship) |brand = EWC Open Fight |created = August 13th, 2013 (Remade) January 1st, 2014 |disbanded = June 25th, 2013 (brand merger) |mostreigns = Gunner (2) |firstchamp = Gunner |lastchamp = Jeff Hardy





WrestlerTimes WonNotesBrand
Gunner1Won the Title against Manik at Time Sqaure CountdownInjured
Jeff Hardy1Defeated Jessie Godderez at Wrestlemania 1Stripped due to Drunk Driving
Gunner (2)1Won the Vacant Title on Main EventerReturn after Brand Merge

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