Times Sqaure Countdown
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Promotion EWC (Extreme Wrestling Championship)
Date December 31st, 2012
Venue Time Sqaure
City New York
Theme Song "Whispers in The Dark" by Skillet
Last Event EWC Tribute To United States: World Tour in UK
Next Event EWC No Way Out

# Results Stipulations Brand
Pre-Show Magnus (c) def. Ethan Carter III Britishmen Championship Open Fight
1 Joseph Park def. Bad Infulence First Blood Match (Turned to an 2 on 1 Falls Counts Anywhere Match) Open Fight
2 AJ Styles def. Bully Ray (c) Undisputed Championship Interbrand
3 Gunner (c) def. Manik Open Night Fight Championship Open Fight
4 Kurt Angle def. Aces And Eights Gaunlet Match Open Fight
5 Eric Young def. Zema Ion Singles Match Open Fight
6 Austin Aries def. Colt Cabana (One Night Only return) Austin Aries Royal Rumble Challenge Interpromotional
7 Jeff Hardy is the winner Royal Rumble Match Interpromotional

Highlight Reel

Royal Rumble Statistics

Draw Entrant Brand eliminations order Eliminated by
1 Samoa Joe Guest 10 14 Jeff Hardy
2 Chris Sabin Guest 0 2 Joseph Park
3 Abyss Guest 1 1 Blackout then dissapeared
4 Gunner Guest 0 4 The American Wolves (warning into debut to 2013/2014)
5 Joseph Park Guest 1 7 Jessie Goderezz
6 Kazarian Guest 0 3 Main Event Mafia (Magnus and Samoa Joe)
7 Kenny King Guest 0 5 Bad Infulence
8 Rob Terry 7 2 6 Samoa Joe
9 Manik Guest 0 8 Bad Infulence
10 Christopher Daniels Guest 0 9 Main Event Mafia (Sting And Kurt Angle)
11 Rockstar Spud Guest 0 11 Samoa Joe
12 Ken/Mr Anderson Guest 0 13 Rampage Jackson and Samoa Joe
13 Eric Young Guest 0 10 Samoa Joe And Abyss
14 Hernandez Guest 0 12 Bad Infulence
15 Ethan Carter III Guest 3 19 Samoa Joe and Austin Aries (Austin helped after ec3 elminated him)
16 King Mo Guest 0 15 Jeff Hardy
17 Zema Ion Guest 0 16 Jeff Hardy
18 Jeff Hardy Guest 16 N/A WINNER
19 Rampage Jackson Guest 0 18 Jeff Hardy
20 Robbie E Guest 0 17 Jeff Hardy
21 Sting Guest 0 20 Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe
22 Austin Aries Guest 3 26 Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe
23 Colt Cabana Surprize 0 22 Samoa Joe
24 Tito Ortiz Guest 25 Jeff Hardy
25 Samuel Shaw Guest 0 21 Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe
26 Bully Ray Guest 0 23 Samoa Joe
27 Joey Ryan Guest 0 24 Jeff Hardy
28 Bobby Roode Guest 0 27 Samoa Joe and Hardy
29 Knux Guest 0 30 Bully Ray
30 Garrett Bischoff Guest 3 34 Jeff Hardy
31 Magnus Guest 0 28 Jeff Hardy


  • This is the first Royal Rumble in the history of the caw fed version of the caw industry that includes all TNA Superstars That meens Jeff Hardy was the only man to Suscessfully Kick butt along side Samoa Joe.

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