Extreme Wrestling Entertainment is a CAW wrestling promotion first founded in the early 2000s. The company went into hiatus around 2004 before re-emerging in 2006.


Inception (2003-04)

EWE was a small independent promotion formed in the turn of the millenium. It truly established itself as a indy wrestling promotion when the WWE began to finance the promotion and used the EWE to experiment with a more ECW-esque promotion. The company was originally featured a full-original roster but progressively more WWE superstars starting appearing in the promotion as well as superstars and championships from independent promotions (namely TNA). The company then went into hiatus in 2004 due to WWE unable to finance the companies and it'sideas.

Re-Emergence (2006-07)

EWE began reappearing in 2006 with several independent shows before reforming as a full independent promotion in mid 2006. As with many independent promotions, EWE featured superstars from other independent promotions, but this time was not financed by the WWE. The promotion held it's first PPV since it's reform in December 2006 in Manchester, Engand as part of it's traditional PPV line-up with December hosting the UK-based PPV United Killdom.

Relationship With Other Promotions (2007-08)

EWE began cross-branding with many international independent promotions as a way support the independent wrestling scene. It's first cross-promotion event was at Destination X 2007 where EWE faced off with JWA of Japan. Shortly after this, EWE began hosting it's International Challenge where wrestlers from various international indy companies would compete for an EWE contract. These events would happen once a month on each brand.

In 2008, EWE began feuding with Punk Wrestling Extreme, an up-to-date version of Big Blood Wrestling and featured them in several EWE PPVs.

Independence (2008-09)

EWE slowly began more and more independent from other companies, gradually growing into a substancial promotion. It held it's final cross-promotion PPV in November 2009, competing against the Australian Wrestling Federation.

Reshape (2010)

The start on 2010 saw the EWE reshape the company, with roster, PPV and brand changes. The new look featured two tournament PPVs to give superstars a chance at a championship opportunity. The bulk of the tournament would be held on the night of the PPV and would be cross-brand. The reshape would also include a fresh intake of new talent to both brands every year, with superstars also leaving the company. This roll-over of talent only lasted two years with the company reverting back to it's usual intake-when-needed approach,similar to that of other companies.

Modern EWE (2011-)

The promotion continues today, making usual changes when needed.

From 2012, EWE featured many first-time champions, paving the way for a future EWE generation.

From 2013, EWE will only have one tournament PPV, keeping 'Summit' and discarding 'Brothers in Arms'. The promotion will instead have a rolling name PPV dependent on the venue. The first PPV, to be held in Boston, Massachusetts, and will be called 'Boston Breakout'.


Saturday Night Blackened

Wednesday Night Overkill


Month Event
January New Year's Execution
February Trapped
March Summit
April Death Walkway
June Fade to Black
July Hall of Champions
August Paradise City
September Boston Breakout (for 2013) (Rolling Name)
October World's End
November United Killdom
December Closing Time

Championships and Accomplishments

Current Champions

Saturday Night Blackened

All belts shown represent general look of championship belts.
Championship Belt Champion(s) When Won / Beaten

EWE Championship


Alec Tuscani

Def. Masked Avenger (c)

New Year's Execution 2013

Intercontinental Championship


Jack Slyvein

Pin. Jack Akanza (c)

New Year's Execution 2013

EWE Tag Team Championship


James St. Black & Steve Caze

Pin. Blue Lightning &  Johnny Gennetto (c)

Saturday Night Blackened (16/03/13)

European Championship


Slater Black

Pin. William McDon (c)

Trapped 2013

Wednesday Night Overkill

All belts shown represent general look of championship belts.
Championship Belt Champion(s) When Won / Beaten

World Heavyweight Championship


Triple X

Pin. Steven Hooke(c)

Trapped 2013

Television Championship


James Parker

Pin. Kerry Andrews (c)

World's End 2012

World Tag Team Championship


Alarma & Eclipse

Pin. Mexican Musketeers (Plomo & Oswaldo Ghasta) (c)

Summit 2013

World X Championship


Tyler Ricky

Pin. Gavin Victor (c)
Wednesday Night Overkill


Other Accomplishments

Year Accomplishment Winner Brand
2013 Summit Jeff Wilon Overkill
2012 Hero of WAR Steven Hooke Overkill

Defunct Championships

Championship Year of Entry First Champion(s) Year Retired Final Champion(s) Notes
6-Man Tag Team Championship 2004 Scotty Hapzer, Evan Moore and David Sanches 2005 Oswaldo Ghasta, Plomo Ghasta and Johnny Gennetto Retired as part of the 2006 reshape.
Light Heavyweight Championship 2003 Ray Mystane 2011 TJ Mitchell Def. Matthew Harlen (c) at Hall of Champions 2011 to unify the World X and Light Heavyweight Championships.
Mr. Extreme Championship 2006 Bruce Crush 2007 AJ Styles Retired as part of the 2008 reshape.
Women's Championship 2004 Ayame 2008 Elektra The Women's division was retired as part of the 2009 reshape and of ideas for the Women's division.
X-Division Championship 2004 Blue Lightning 2008 Stepehen Harrisson Retired when Harrisson became injured.

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