EWE Championship
Current champion(s) Alec Tuscani
Date Won New Year's Execution 2013
League EWE - Extreme Wrestling Entertainment
Brand Blackened
Introduced 2003
Retired -
Most reigns Joe Heart (5)
First Champion -
Last Champion -
Longest Reign Shawn Jackson
Shortest Reign Ace Crusher
Heaviest Champion Andre Smash (430lbs)
Lightest Champion Shawn Jackson (230lbs)
Other Name(s) -
Past design(s) -
The EWE Championship is one of two main championships in the EWE, along with the World Heavyweight Championship. It was established by the EWE in 2003, and is the oldest championship recognized by the promotion. The championship has been largely defended under the Overkill (formerly Thunder) brand until March 2010 when then-champion Shawn Jackson was traded to Blackened (formerly Xplosion) as part of the '2010 Reshape'.

As of April 2013, records of champion order and how the title was won only goas far back as January 2006, but the number of times a superstar has won the title goes back to the inception of the company

# Wrestler Reign Event Won Location Note(s)
Tyler Plosion 1
The Punisher 3 New Year's Execution 2007 San Juan, Puerto Rico A Chamber of Hell match which also included Kin Jazama, Bahn, Shawn Stasiak and Jeff Jarrett
Goldberg 1 Hall of Champions 2007 East Rutherford, New Jersey
Steven Hooke 1 Sacrifice 2007 Detroit, Michigan A Triple Threat match which also included Tyler Plosion
Shawn Jackson 2 New Year's Execution 2008 Toronto, Ontario, Canada A Chamber of Hell match which also included Shawn Stasiak, Matthew Perfect, Triple X and Chris Harris
Hwoarang 1 Hall of Champions 2008 Anaheim, California A Fatal-5-Way also featuring Triple X, Shawn Stasiak and Chris Harris
Kevin Gillmore 1 Sacrifice 2008 New York City, New York
Super Nova 1 Caged Up 2008 Washington, D.C. A Triple Threat Cage match which also included Tommy Cage
Joe Heart 5 Heroes of Wrestling 2008 Houston, Texas A Fatal-4-Way also featuring Tommy Cage and Kevin Gillmore
VACATED - - - Vacated due to Heart leaving the company 5 days after winning the title on Thunder
Super Nova 2 Hall of Champions 2009 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Won a tournament, defeating Tommy Cage in the final
Kevin Gillmore 2 World's End 2009 Baltimore, Maryland A Fatal-4-Way Armageddon Cell match also included Tommy Cage and Triple X
Shawn Jackson 3 United Killdom 2009 Nottingham, England Under this reign, the EWE Championship was moved to the Blackened brand
Johnny Gennetto 3 Hall of Champions 2010 Detroit, Michigan
Mark Gola 2 United Killdom 2010 Newcastle, England A Ladder match
Tony Smith 3 Trapped 2011 Hershey, Pennsylvania A Steel Cage match
Big Blood Vader 1 Hall of Champions 2011 Orlando, Florida
Shawn Jackson 4 Closing Time 2011 Worchester, Massachusetts A Fatal-4-Way match which also included The Outsider and Tony Smith
The Outsider 1 New Year's Execution 2012 East Rutherford, New Jersey A Triple Threat match which also included Big Blood Vader
Kai Ryder 1 Hall of Champions 2012 Rosemont, Illinois
Masked Avenger 1 United Killdom 2012 London, England A Triple Threat match which also included Static Shock
Alec Tuscani 1 New Year's Execution 2013 Mexico City, Mexico A Chamber of Hell match which also included Kai Ryder, Steve Caze, Hiroshima and Static Shock.