Ed Kewl
Names Ed Kewl
Height 6'4
Weight 225
Born 12/21/86 (Age 24)
Birthplace Hartford, CT
Died N/A
Resides Hartford, CT
Billed from Hartford, CT
Trained by Self Trained
Debut October 28, 2009
Retired N/A
Ed Kewl (Born December,21,1986) Is a Caw Wrestler.Not much is known about him,as he just started his career.

First Year

Ed Kewl was a normal kid, the only problem he had was wrestling. It kept him away from friends. Eventually he entered the internet, There he became a typical internet smark.Watching indie leagues, training at the local gym and using l33t speaking more than often. As time passed he got a chance in a CAW Search, He lost though.


Ed Kewl Joined DCWL. A newly made league, in hopes for a tittle shot Ed Kewl entered a battle royal, only to loose. Ed Kewl now tries to hang on the roster. So far Ed is in a winning streak Defeating Link twice. Ed Kewl would win the DCWL Hardcore title. Ed Kewl lost his DCWL Hardcore title to Danny Jackpot. Ed Kewl would later join Danny's Dynasty with Johnny Rocker and their leader being CAW legend Danny Jackpot Ed Kewl would lose his spot on the team and on DCWL when he lost to TX3. Ed Kewl would after a month's absense get his revenge on TX3 by beating him in an Unsanctioned Match at DCWL Collision Countdown 2.Ed Kewl would later on beat Leroy Jenkins in a MITB Qualifying Match.Ed Kewl would at DEC MANIA 2 win the MITB and on the same night cash it in on then DCWL Champ James Bond to become DCWL Champ.

Signature Moves/Finishers

Kewler Change(Fame Asser/Scissors kick)

Championships & Accomplishments

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