El Diablous

El Diablous
Names El Diablous, Diablous
Height 6'11
Weight 365lbs
Born Unknown
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Died {{{death_date}}}
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Resides Unknown
Billed Shangri-la
Trained by Joe Omega
Debut 2015
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El Diablous, or Simply Diablous, is a CAW professional wrestler who is currently signed to OPW. He debuted in early 2015 and no one really knows much about him other than that he was trained by, and has a strong working relationship, with Joe Omega.


Diablous debuted for OPW at their OPW Overhaul CPV in early season 3 attacking both CM Punk and TJ Nicholson before their match could even start. Following this he would feud with TJ for weeks until their Last Man Standing match at OPW Greed, which he won via the help of Brock Lesnar. Later in seaosn 3 he would win the OPW King of the Ring tournament and go on to become the first KotR to win his championship match at OPW Summerslam 3: Wrath. He did this by defeating Sting to become OPW Worldwide Champion.

Championships and Accomplishments


  • OPW Worldwide Championship 1x, Current.

In Wrestling


  • Discus Big Boot
  • Chokeslam


  • Clothesline
  • Right Handed Hook

Entrance Themes

  • Enemy - Blue Stahli

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