El Rojo Mexico
Names Rojo
Height 5"10
Weight 90 lbs
Born Texas
Birthplace -
Died -
Springfield, Chicago
Resides Mexico
Billed from Mexico
Trained by El Santo
Debut 2010
Retired -

El Rojo Mexico is a CAW Wrestler who has on several occasions claimed to be mexican although many have known him to have a non-mexican heritage. He is currently signed to WEDF and was a 4-time Television Champion.



Rojo signed to WEDF wrestling on DCO winning the TV title ep. 4 of DCO by defeating Zach Starr thanks to Jack Swagger.

2nd TV Title

He later loss it to Swagg3r on episode 7 on DCO but retained it on WEDF Flame to loss it to Evan Bourne 13 days later. He cashed in his rematch but lost and couldn't retain it.


He won the won the TV title again March 10th 2011 in a Triple Threat Match but lost it to KANE in a six man match.

Sin Cara

Sin Cara has been turning down a friendship with Rojo.

Heel Turn and fourth TV Title

On WEDF Episode 165 Smackdown, Rojo won the WEDF Television Championship for the fourth time. After the match Rojo turned heel by calling Sin Cara a selfish, Mexican bastard and challenged Cara to a match at Rasslemania 2 for the TV Title. Rojo dropped the title to Sin Cara at Rasslemania 2

Young Lions Cup

Rojo competed at the the 2010 Young Lions Cup. He defeated Jesus Habinero in the first round, but was eliminated in the semi-final.



  • WEDF (season 1, season 2)