The Extreme Backyard Alliance, or EBA, is a professional wrestling brand for Back Yards United (BYU).




Championship Current champion(s) Date won Previous champion(s)
EBA World Heavyweight Championship Shawn Matthews  ? Christopher Helmsley
EBA World Tag Team Championship The Andersons (Dennis and Eric)  ? 2 Hardcore J.C. and Danzig
EBA World Internet Championship Steven Kell  ? Psyko Edge
EBA World Junior Heavyweight Championship t.b.d. t.b.d. t.b.d.
BYU/EBA World Hardcore Championship Brent Collins  ? Rob Darby
EBA World Women's Championship t.b.d. t.b.d. t.b.d.



  • Rob Darby - general manager of EBA
  • Chelsea - assistant general manager of EBA

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