Extreme Caw Wrestling Federation

Extreme Caw Wrestling Federation or ECWF is an online caw league on Smackdown vs Raw 08.


  • ECWF Championship - Vacant
  • YouTube Championship - Vacant
  • Tag Team Championship - Vacant
  • Women's Championship - Vacant (Current Suspended)

Fightzone Roster

Male Wrestlers:

  • Thunder
  • Black Shadow
  • Lil Scott
  • Frank Newman
  • Jack Newman
  • Bryan
  • Antonio "The Hitman" Cruz
  • Jack "The Gun" Kidman
  • Ultimo
  • Captain America
  • Abdul-Rahim
  • Abdul-Hasar
  • Nightmare
  • Bull
  • PacMan
  • Bloom
  • Freestyler
  • Mr.Hardcore
  • H4wk
  • RX Kamikadze
  • California Rose
  • Devin Devil
  • Tyson King

Female Wrestlers:


Tag Team's:

  • The Bloodz (PacMan and Bull)
  • Al Qaida (Abdul-Rahim and Abdul-Hasar)
  • The Newman Boyz (Frank Newman and Jack Newman)

Other Talent:

  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez (General Manager)
  • Natasha Gorbachova (Interviewer)


CPV City 09
Royal Rumble Washington, D.C.
Fan choice TBD
Wrestlingmania TBD
Backdash TBD
Armaggedon TBD
Day of No Mercy TBD
Dark June TBD
Summer Showdown TBD
Go To Hell TBD
Champions Stand TBD
Big Trouble TBD
Christmas Fight TBD

Royal Rumble (Battle Royal over the top rope)

Champions Stand (Every title defence)

Wrestlingmania (Grand CPV)

Fan Choice (Fan vote)


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