Final Countdown is FCCW's 5th Mega Event, It Has 9 Matches, it will take place on 24th December 2010 in Boston, Mass.

Match Card

Bart Simpson defeats Peter Griffin KO Match
Dan Hibiki Defeats Zangief Ownership Vs Onaga's Life
T-1000 Defeats Riddler Tables Match
Frodo Baggins Defeats Green Lantern FCCW Championship Iron-Man Match
Mario Defeats Eugene Dinsmore Submission Match
Unicron Defeats Megatron FCCW World Title, If Megatron Loses, He's Fired
James Bond Defeats Daredevil, Bowser & C-3PO FCCW Hellbound Debut-Trip To Oblivon
Mew & Terminator Defeat Mewtwo & Master Chief Tag Team Street Fight


2# Zangief Attacked Dan Hibiki which caused Dan to be put on a Stretcher

4# Optimus Prime Drugged Lantern Before The Match

6# Michael Myers Helped Unicron Beat Megatron down, Which led to Megatron being fired

8# Terminator revealed himself as Mew's Tag Team Partner and Attacked Mew After The Match.

Theme Song: Final Countdown

Commentators: BeRocks2.0 & Jamie Bevan

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