Justice Will Be FCCW's 6th Mega Event And Season Finale, It Will Take Place On January 4th 2011, It Will be Held In Madison Square Garden, New York City. The Theme Song Will be Destine 'In Your Arms'.


Riddler Vs Rodimus Prime (c) FCCW Hardcore Championship
Arthur & Buster Vs Reptile & Scorpion FCCW Hellbound Tag Team Championship
Jason Voorhees Vs Michael Myers Hell In A Cell
Frodo Baggins (c) Vs Freddy Krueger Street Fight
Terminator Vs T-1000 Singles Match

Spike Vs ?????

Winner Becomes No.1 Contender For FCCW Championship

Big Green Giant Vs Big Friendly Giant Giant Vs Giant Match
Mew Vs Mewtwo Trip To Hell Match
Unicron Vs Bart Simpson FCCW World Heavyweight Championship-30 Iron Man Match


Best Of FCCW 2010

Rookie Of The Year-Frodo Baggins

Shocker Of The Year-Unicron's Arrival At FCCW Halloween Havoc

Show of The Year-Violence

Holy #@!*@ Moment Of The Year-Bad Blood Predator Attacks Predator On The Return Show

Tag Team Of The Year-T-1000 & The Riddler

Return Of The Year- Venom After Assault From Unicron

Finisher Of The Year- Night's Edge (Nightwing)

Longest Run Of Any Superstar In FCCW Moment Of The Year- Megatron (January 2010-December 2010)

Superstar Of The Year-Optimus Prime

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