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FCW (WWE 2K14 CAW Show) 12 9 2013-001:00:26

FCW (WWE 2K14 CAW Show) 12 9 2013-0

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FCW Overview & FCW Creator 

FCW ( Fantasy Championship Wrestling) is a Youtube CAW wrestling show made in 2013 by the Youtube channel JD Venom. A first of its kind the show brings in weekly matches and story lines headline by a main event just like you see on everyday WWE or TNA. JD Venom also does solo commentary 


FCW Logo

and editing for each video from a different city and venue each week. FCW currently has 4 total PPVS for the year including (Break Through) in late December early Janurary. (Spring Break) in late March early April. (Beach Party) (Which will be renamed Beach Brawl in 2015) in Mid July. (Legends) (The biggest show of the year!) in mid October. FCW currently has over 30 wrestlers/ on screen characters. There are 4 total title divisions ( TV, Tag Team, intercontinental & World). FCW is wildely acclamied as one of the best CAW promotions on Youtube today and is seen by a number of people each week around the world.

FCW Roster

FCW Champions

Current FCW Champions
Title Division Wrestler / Team Event & Date Previous Champion
Television Casey Anderson Beach Party (7/13/2014) Eugene Davis
Tag Team Nation Of Justice Beach Party (7/13/2014) Aces Wild

Super Scorp

One Night Only (4/28/2014) Walt Churchill
World Walt Churchill Beach Party (7/13/2014) Kenji Tanaka

Top 10 FCW Power Rankings (Minimum 5 matches)

  1. Eugene Davis
  2. Casey Anderson
  3. Random Man
  4. Walt Churchill
  5. Zombie Joe
  6. Kevin Kombo
  7. Kenji Tanaka
  8. Super Scorp
  9. Chase Diamond
  10. Shawn Stevens

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