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Promotion FNW, IWT
Date February 2013
Venue Wade Needham's Wheelchair
City Wally World, Javori
Theme Song
Last Event FNW Interactive Very Large Wrestling Event II
Next Event FNW Interactive NeverEnding Agression

FNW & IWT would come to the agreement of doing a joint show after the FNW Interactive switch over to the WEDF Forums. This would be the first joint show in the history of FNW Interactive and would be the first time another CAW show has done a joint show with FNW since FNW Fella's Revenge. This would be the second CPV of the Season One of IWT after IWT One Night Stand.

It's Walleh Time would vacate all the championships other then the IWT World Heavyweight Championship for this event. Though IWT Management would later award Smokey the IWT Japanese Championship to make the main event a double title match. The NSCW African Championship was also vacated and was used due its merger with IWT.

This event would win "Best CAW Show of the Year" (2013) in the Something CAWful CAW Awards.

# Results Stipulations
1 Coca Cola Can & Black Shawn Dynasty (IWT) def Steven Raden & Andrew Liana (FNW), The Groovy Molester & Butch Polebag (FNW), & Walleh (IWT) & Derek The V Extreme (FNW) Vacated IWT KO-I Tag Team Championship, Elimination
2 Al Gore (c) [FNW] def Brent Harvanator (IWT), and Random Mexican KKK Member 1 (FNW) FNW Television Championship
3 Biff Andreas (FNW/IWT) def Kenzo Suzuki (FNW/IWT) Singles Match
4 Republican Ho won the 20 Man Instant Rumble Vacated IWT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship
5 Daniel Bryan (FNW) def King Mabel (FNW) Vacated NSCW African Championship
6 Stone Cold Wade Barrett (IWT) def Sheena "Glenn Jacobs" Marie (FNW) Singles Match
Main Event Smokey (IWT Japanese Champion) def Danny Jackpot (FNW Champion) FNW Championship, IWT Japanese Championship

Instant Rumble Results

Royal Rumble Entrances and Eliminations:

# Entrant Order CAW Fed Eliminations Eliminated by
1 Ultramantis Black 2 IWT 0 Evan O'Shea
2 Evan O'Shea 3 Independant 1 Jason Matthews
3 Fella 1 IWT 0 "Stone Cold" Wade Barrett
4 "Stone Cold" Wade Barrett 4 IWT 1 Jason Matthews
5 Sultan Shetty 5 IWT 0 Kurt Angle
6 Jason Matthews 9 IWT 4 Brent Harvanator
7 Kurt Angle 6 IWT 1 Blake
8 TY. 8 IWT 0 Jason Matthews
9 Blake 7 IWT 1 Jason Matthews
10 James Blazer 19 IWT 4 Republican Ho
11 Brent Harvanator 10 IWT 1 James Blazer
12 Matt Eichorn 13 IWT 1 AJ Lee
13 Johnny 11 IWT 0 Matt Eichorn
14 Andrew Liana 12 FNW 0 AJ Lee
15 AJ Lee 15 Divas?! 2 Tyler King
16 Steven Raden 14 FNW 0 James Blazer
17 Tyler King 16 Management 1 Republican Ho
18 Republican Ho - IWT 2 WINNER
19 Groovy Molester 17 FNW 0 James Blazer
20 Butch Polebag 18 FNW 0 James Blazer


TaleOfTheTapeDannyvsSmokey zpsb693f5fa

Preview For The Main Event

  • The NSCW African Championship was also vacated and was used for the event due to its merger with IWT.
  • Danny Jackpot also competes for IWT, Though he will only be representing FNW during this event due to him being the World Champion. Wade Barrett & Walleh also competes for FNW, Though Barrett will only be representing IWT during this event due to him portraying his IWT Gimmick of Stone Cold Wade Barrett, Walleh choosed to represent the brand he owns.
  • Two Superstar is representing both brands, Biff Andreas & Kenzo Suzuki, Who are ironically facing each other. One Team was thrown together to represent a unity between FNW and IWT for this event, Walleh & Derek The V Extreme.