FNW 100
Tagline(s) "We Shoulda Stopped 99 Shows Ago"
Promotion FNW
Date April 2013
Venue Derek's Backyard
City Avengerville
Theme Song CAWllision 4 Guile Theme (
Last Event FNW Interactive Owen The Edge
Next Event TBA

FNW Interactive 100 is a CPV done by FNW. It's a celebration of the fed lasting as long as it did. This event was the first event of FNW Interactive that would normally be a regular show but was made into the PPV due to its importance. It even had extra posters for the event making it the most Forum Member requested show yet with 5 different members.

# Results Stipulations
1. Honky Tonk Man vs Cleatus Tumbleweed Singles Match
2. Champion (c) vs Haduken vs Larry It Triple Threat Match for FNW Television Championship
3. Barnacle Boy & Mermaid Man (c) vs Fat Niggers 1 & 2 Tag Team Match for FNW Tag Team Titles
4. Shawn Dynasty vs Walleh Tables Match
5. Mr. Clean vs The Groovy Molester Singles Match
6. "Black" Daniel Bryan vs Sheena "Glenn Jacobs" Marie Singles Match
7. John Kimble vs Walter Krunk MMA Rules Match
8. Fake Danny Jackpot vs Ryan Lee Singles Match
9 Mike Dawson vs A Rock Singles Match
10. Butterbean vs Vince Russo Ladder/Submission Match
11. John Cena (c) vs Kodak Prize Winner Singles Match for the South African Heavyweight Championship
12. JBL (c) vs Kodak Prize Winner Singles Match for the FNW World Championship