FNW Interactive Bash at the Beach
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Promotion FNW
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Venue The Cutting Soldier Bar
City Glassmerrow, Cheraclya
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Last Event FNW Interactive Capital CeNation
Next Event FNW Interactive Hardcore Ressurection

FNW Interactive Bash At The Beach is a CPV done by the FNW league. It is a parody of OMG wrestling CPV of the same name. People who booked the matches are Biff Andreas,TC and Danny Jackpot

# Results Stipulation
1. Vince Russo and Kevin Nash def John Kimble and Ray Bradstone(c) Tag Match for FNW Tag Team Championship
2. Chris Jericho def The Crippler Singles Match
3. Sheena"Glen Jacobs" Marie def Gaylord Queerstreet(c) Singles Match for Southern Heavyweight Championship
4. RMKKK#1 (c) def Michael Cole Ladder Match for FNW ExtremeCore Championship
5. Team Fitness(Simon Dean and Richard Simmons) def Team 3D(Bully Ray and D Von) New York Street Fight
6. Fella(c) def Axel Hawk Singles match for FNW Title