FNW Blood, Sweat, and Tears II:
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Promotion FNW
Date Dec 13, 2012
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FNW Interactive Blood,Sweat and Tears II is the 2nd in the CPV series of it. The name is a parody of a SCAW CPV Of same name. Bookers for this event is Biff,Danny and TC.

# Results Stipulations
1. Primo def Fake Danny Single Match
2. Cleatus Tumbleweed def Gaylord Queerstreet Cage Match,if Cleatus loses would have lost he would have to give up on lynching in FNW
3. Prince Of Pain(c) def King Mabel Single Match for FNW Southern Heavyweight Championship
4. RMKKK#1(c) def Steven Raden Single Match for FNW ExtremeCore Championship
5. The Avengers(Barnacle Boy and DerekTheVExtreme) def 3MB(Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal)(c) Tornado Tag Match for FNW Tag Team Championship
6. JBL def Larry It(c) Single Match for FNW World Championship