FNW Interactive CAW[n]spiracy
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Promotion FNW
Date Late December
Venue WWE 12 Create-A-Arena
City CAW Mainstream
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Last Event FNW Interactive Bitchamania
Next Event FNW Interactive Vixenz Vengeance

FNW Interactive CAW[n]piracy

FNW Interactive CAWnspiracy is a FNW Mini-Event with three titles on the line. Something CAWful Forum members Spriter,DreConSmith and Walleh booked the event. The event's name is based upon the Multi CAW League event, CAW[n]spiracy.


Results Stipulations
1 Butch Polebag def Jef Winner Singles Match
2 Matt Mayhem def Mr.Amazing Singles Match
3 Cowlex def Walleh Singles Match
4 Fella(c) def Random Mexican KKK Member #7 FNW ExtremeCore Championship
5 Charles Hansen and Masterbubu(c) def DerekTheVExtreme and Bella Swan FNW Tag Team Championship
6 Super Jawaan def Kieth Cutler & Turk FNW World Championship