FNW Interactive Capital Cenation
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Promotion FNW
Date Sometime in October of 2012
Venue That place underneath the Congress Building where the Senators and Represenatives participate in cage matches to settle their differences
City Washington D.C.
Theme Song N/A
Last Event FNW Interactive Blood, Sweat, & Tears
Next Event FNW Interactive Bash at the Beach

FNW Interactive Capital CeNation is the fourth FNW Interactive CPV. It will be headlined by JBL defending his FNW Championship against one of his biggest rivals, Tyler King .

Match # Match Stipulation
1 Shawn Dynasty def. The Crippler Singles Match
2 Sheena "Glenn Jacobs" Marie def. Bella Swan Singles Match
3 Gaylord Queerstreet def. Pornoman (c) Singles Match for the Southern Heavyweight Championship
4 Random Mexican KKK Member #1 (c) def. Dan Doomsday Mask vs Mask Match for the FNW ExtremeCore Championship
5 Simon Dean & Richard Simmons def. Pornoman & Corey Bayne (c) Tag Team Match for the FNW Tag Team Championship
6 JBL (c) def. Tyler King Singles Match for the FNW Championship


  • In match 4, Dan Doomsday was revealed to be Vince Russo.