FNW Interactive Hardcore Resurrection 2
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Promotion FNW
Date Jan 8, 2013
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FNW Interactive Hardcore Ressurection 2 is the 2nd in the CPV series.It is a parody of a DCWL CPV of the same name. Bookers for this event are TC,Biff and Danny

# Results Stipulations
1. Art Fistmouth def JBL Singles Match
2. Xtremetony(c) def Butch Poleback Singles Match for FNW Southern Heavyweight Championship
3. Xtremetony def Wade Barrett(c) Singles Match for FNW Television Championship
4. 3MB(c) def Josh Peck and Justin Gower Tag Team Ladder match for FNW Tag Team Championships
5. Larry It(c) def Gaylord Queerstreet and Butch Poleback Triple Threat Match for FNW World Title
6. Fake Danny and Primo def Danny Jackpot and Art Fistmouth Tag Team Match

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