FNW Interactive NeverEnding Aggression
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Promotion FNW
Date Feb 22, 2013
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FNW NeverEnding Aggression is a CPV done by FNW. It is a parody of RSW NeverEnding Aggression.  The name itself was also voted on the Something CAWful Forums as one of three names they could vote for. The matches itself was booked on the WEDF Forums by its members.

# Results Stipulations
1. John Kimble def Epico Singles Match. If Kimble wins Epico gets deported.
2. Haduken def The Crippler Singles Match
3. Hotcobraguy95 def Walleh (c) Singles Match for FNW South African Heavyweight Championship
4. Random Mexican KKK Member #1 def Al Gore(c) Singles Match for FNW Television Championship
5. Steven Raden and Andrew Liana def Sons Of Liberty(c)(Shawn Dynasty and Tyler King) Tag Team Match for FNW Tag Team Championships
6. Smokey [IWT Jap(c)] def Stone Cold Wade Barrett, and Danny Jackpot [FNW HW(c)] Triple Threat Impact Zone Match for FNW World Title and IWT Japanese Championship