FNW Interactive New Found Glory
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Promotion FNW
Date Jan 23, 2013
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FNW New Found Glory is a CPV ran by FNW. Bookers for event are Biff,TC and Danny

# Results Stipulations
1. Gaylord Queerstreet def Rod Queerstreet Singles Match
2. Butch Poleback and Walter Krunk def Team Hell Yeah(Black Daniel Bryan and Sheena"Glen Jacobs" Marie Tag Team Match
3. XtremeTony def JBL Singles Match
4. Cleatus Tumbleweed and Masterbubu def Animal Cleaners(Batista and Mr.Clean)(c) Tag Match for FNW Tag Team Championships
5. Fake Danny(c) def Larry It Singles Match for Television Championship. Winner is special ref for main event
6. Primo(c) def Danny Jackpot Singles Special Ref Match. Ref=Fake Danny. If Danny loses he must be anally probed by Primo. If Primo loses he must leave Earth immediately.