FNW Owen The Edge
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Promotion FNW
Date Mar 11, 2013
Venue An Ching Gym
City Fairwinter,China
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FNW Interactive Owen The Edge is a CAW CPV for the league FNW. Danny Jackpot,TC,Biff Andreas and DerekTheVExtreme were bookers

Match Card

Matches Results Stipulation
Preshow Match 1 The Dwayne def  Andrew Liana Single Match
Preshow Match 2 Maximus Matter def Prince Of Pain,Walter Krunk,Randy The Ram Robinson 4 way battle royal
Match 1 Cleatus Tumbleweed def Tyler King Single Match
Match 2 DerekTheVExtreme def Barnacle Boy Singles Table Match
Match 3 Haduken(c) def Butch Poleback Singles for FNW Television Championship
Match 4 John Cena def Al Gore(c) Singles for South African Heavyweight Championship
Match 5 Danny Jackpot def Biff Andreas Singles Steel Cage Match
Main Event JBL def XtremeTony(c) Singles Match for FNW World Title