FNW Interactive White Power 2
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Promotion FNW
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Venue Things and Stuff Stadium
City Springcliff,Rhidda
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FNW Interactive White Power 2 is a CPV done by FNW. Bookers are Biff and Danny

# Results Stipulations
1 RMKKK#1(c) def Lonestarr, Walleh, and Frank Garrett Fatal 4 Way for FNW ExtremeCore Title
2 Shawn Dynasty def John Cena Singles Match
3 Matt Mayhem def Sheena"Glen Jacobs" Marie(c) Singles Match for Southern Heavyweight Title
4 Masterbubu and Road Block def Country To The Corre(Cleatus Tumbleweed and Wade Barrett) Tag Team Match
5 Iron Shiek def Aki Man Singles Match
6 Gaylord Queerstreet(c) def Prince Of Pain Singles Match for FNW Title