FNW Interactive White Power IV
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Promotion FNW
Date March 3 2013
Venue Jordi Schneller Summer Camp
City Wellholt,New Mexico
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FNW Interactive White Power 4 is the forth in the series for FNW. Danny Jackpot, TC and Biff Andreas were bookers for event.

Match Card

Matches Results Stipulation
Match 1 Sheamus def Daniel Bryan Singles Match
Match 2 Vince Russo def Phantom Of The Opera Singles Match
Match 3 Al Gore def Hotcobraguy95(c) ,Bella Swan, Larry It 4 way battle royal for FNW Southern African Heavyweight Championship
Match 4 Somoa Joe def Random Mexican KKK Member #1 (c), The Crippler, Haduken 4 way battle royal for FNW Television Championship
Match 5  Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy def (Sons of Liberty)Biff and Shawn (c) Tornado Tag Match for FNW Tag Titles
Main Event Xtremetony def Danny Jackpot and JBL(c) Triple Threat for FNW World Title