White Power
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Promotion FNW, DJW, CAWllision
Date September 2nd, 2011
Venue FNW Circus Tent
City Disappointment, Kentucky
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Last Event N/A
Next Event FNW Fella's Revenge

White Power is a FNW Mini-Event. Fat Niggers Wrestling host both there companies championship and the DCO World Heavyweight Championship from the CAWllision Series. Also a special match featuring the DJW Ruby Toilet Seat Holder Butch Polebag defending the prestigious award against Brent Harvanator. Lonestarr & Walleh have a special singles match in the battle of the in real life Caw stars.

# Results Stipulations
Match 1 Cleatus Tumbleweed & Masterbubu69 def Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) [c] FNW Tag Team Championship
Match 2 Matt Hardy def Bella Swan [c], Chris Benoit, & Chris Jericho DCO World Heavyweight Championship, Elimination
Match 3 Brent Harvanator def Butch Polebag [holder] DJW Ruby Toilet Seat
Match 4 Lonestarr022 def Walleh Singles Match
Main Event Kevin Nash def Booker T [c] FNW Championship


  • 2- Bella Swan's opponent were chosen at Random with the Random Button.
  • List of Recorders
Match Number Recorder
1 Biff Andreas
2 Danny Jackpot
3 Danny Jackpot
4 Biff Andreas
1 Danny Jackpot

FNW White Power II

FNW Interactive White Power 2
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Promotion FNW
Date Nov 7, 2012
Venue Things and Stuff Stadium
City Springcliff,Rhidda
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FNW Interactive White Power 2 is a CPV done by FNW. Bookers are Biff and Danny

# Results Stipulations
1 RMKKK#1(c) def Lonestarr, Walleh, and Frank Garrett Fatal 4 Way for FNW ExtremeCore Title
2 Shawn Dynasty def John Cena Singles Match
3 Matt Mayhem def Sheena"Glen Jacobs" Marie(c) Singles Match for Southern Heavyweight Title
4 Masterbubu and Road Block def Country To The Corre(Cleatus Tumbleweed and Wade Barrett) Tag Team Match
5 Iron Shiek def Aki Man Singles Match
6 Gaylord Queerstreet(c) def Prince Of Pain Singles Match for FNW Title

FNW White Power III

FNW Interactive White Power III
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Promotion FNW
Date Jan 20, 2013
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FNW White Power III is the 3rd in CPV series. Bookers for this event were Biff and Danny

# Results Stipulation
1. Gaylord Queerstreet def Larry It Single Match with Special Ref Rod Queerstreet
2. Team Blacks(D'Lo Brown,Perry Saturn,Dre's Mom, and King Mabel) def Team Whites ( Simon Dean,Butch Poleback,Groovy Molester, and Cleatus Tumbleweed) 4 on 4 tag Rumble Match. If Team White won the man who pinned Mabel would become FNW Southern Heavyweight Champion. If Team Blacks won the members would fight in a Fatal 4 way elimination match for it
3. Perry Saturn def,Dre's Mom,D'Lo Brown and King Mabel(c) Fatal 4 way Elimation match for FNW Southern Heavyweight Championship
4. Animal Cleaners(Batista and Mr.Clean)(c) def Butch Poleback and Sheena"Glen Jacobs" Marie Tag Team Match for FNW Tag Team Championship
5. Fake Danny(c) def Hotcobraguy95 Single Match for FNW Television Title
6. Primo def Danny Jackpot and Xtremetony(c) Triple Threat Match for FNW World Championship

FNW White Power IV

FNW Interactive White Power IV
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Promotion FNW
Date March 3 2013
Venue Jordi Schneller Summer Camp
City Wellholt,New Mexico
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FNW Interactive White Power 4 is the forth in the series for FNW. Danny Jackpot, TC and Biff Andreas were bookers for event.

Match Card

Matches Results Stipulation
Match 1 Sheamus def Daniel Bryan Singles Match
Match 2 Vince Russo def Phantom Of The Opera Singles Match
Match 3 Al Gore def Hotcobraguy95(c) ,Bella Swan, Larry It 4 way battle royal for FNW Southern African Heavyweight Championship
Match 4 Somoa Joe def Random Mexican KKK Member #1 (c), The Crippler, Haduken 4 way battle royal for FNW Television Championship
Match 5  Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy def (Sons of Liberty)Biff and Shawn (c) Tornado Tag Match for FNW Tag Titles
Main Event Xtremetony def Danny Jackpot and JBL(c) Triple Threat for FNW World Title

FNW White Power V

FNW Interactive White Power V
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Promotion FNW
Date Aug 3, 2013
Venue Jordi Schneller Summer Camp
City Wellholt,New Mexico
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FNW Interactive White Power 5 is the five in the series for FNW. 

Matches  Results Stipulation
Match 1 Cowlex and Justin Gower def Mr.Clean Handicap Match
Match 2 Jey Uso def Honky Tonk Man, Zeb Colter,Axel Hawk Elimination 4 way match
Match 3 Kevin Nash(c) def Raven Single Match for FNW TV Title
Match 4 Waldo(c) def Maximus Matter Steel Cage Match for Southern Heavyweight Title
Match 5 XtremeTony and Danny Jackpot def Butch Polebag & Mike Dawson(c) Tag Team Ladder Match for Tag Team Title
Main Event Sagat(c) def Hotcobraguy95 Single Cage Match for FNW World Title

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