FPW is a CAW League founded by Se7ensins on October 3rd, 2011. It had a short lived run on SNTV in early June, but fan approval ratings weren't good and the deal it signed was short lived. Then, Se7en signed a deal with RMFW TV, which got FPW back on the air. It was signed for two seasons, and its first major TV Event will be FPW: ReBirth, which will set the stage for everything in FPW leading into Episode 1.

Championship Title Title Holder Previous Title Holder Notes
FPW World Heavyweight Championship Vacant Ace Williams Vacated after Williams' depart from the company, will be defended in a contest between Half Death and Skarr on FPW: ReBirth
FPW Highlights Championship MG Cage AJ Daniels N/A
FPW Tag Team Championship The Sin Society (Aaron Stone and Syko) Jesse Owens and Tommy Evans N/A
FPW Amazons Championship Emily Thorne Veronica O'Day Was awarded to Thorne after Arielle Dyvyne interfered in the match for the 3rd time at a FPW House Show, costing Emily the victory. The FPW Board, headed by Commisioner Seven, awarded Emily the title.

Current Roster:

FPW Superstars

  • Aaron Stone
  • Adrian Taylor
  • AJ Daniels
  • Alex Mercer
  • Bushido Akira
  • Creed
  • Darren 5Star
  • Half Death
  • Kenji Katana
  • Jason Cobalt
  • Jaxon Rose
  • Johnny Hollywood
  • MG Cage
  • Lucifer
  • Seth Skyfire
  • Skarr
  • Syko
  • Zakk Wyldde

FPW Amazons

  • Amy Rayne
  • Arielle Dynyne
  • Emily Thorne
  • Evelena Thorne
  • Paris Tyler
  • Rayna Thorne
  • Twztid
  • Veronica O'Day

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