Fella is gehy
Names Fella
Fella McFellerson
The Artist formally known as Fella
Height 6 ft 5 in
Weight 256 lb
Born {{{birth_date}}}
Birthplace A Fucking Igloo in the Southern Part of Alaska
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides That same fucking Igloo he was born and raised in
Billed from Wasilla, Alaska
Trained by Drew McIntyre
His Mom
That hobo that lived down the street
Debut 2011
Retired {{{retired}}}

Fella McFellerson (also known as The artist formally known as Fella, or just simply, Fella) is a joke CAW. He uploads episode of ACWL to YouTube.

RSW's Developing Futures Wrestling:

Fella made his RSW debut as a member of the Development Territory, DFW. He made his first on-screen apperance on Webmatch #2 defeating Bryan Davis following a Killswtich monouver which was later named "Frostbite". It was announced exclusivly on CAW.Wiki by BRAWL Owner, Evan O'Shea. that the BRAWL\UWF Jobber Championship was on the line in that match and the title changed hands to Bryan Davis. On Webmatch #4, Fella would take on Bryan Davis again for the Jobber Championship but with a third participant known as Haduken who was making his DFW Debut. Fella would lose this match but he was not pinned so he didn't become Jobber Champion, However Haduken did after Bryan Davis pinned him off a Shooting Star Press. on Webmatch #7, Fella defeated Bryan Davis for a second time in a Rubber Match, following a counter of the Shooting Star Press into The FrostBite.

Finishers and Signatures:

  • Frostbite (Killswitch) (2012- ; Used in DFW)
  • Alaskan Impact (Modified Complete Shot) (2012- ; Used in DFW)
  • Fella Driver (Double Arm Snap DDT) (2011 -)
  • Fella Drop (Reverse snap STO) (2011-)

Championships and Other Accomplishment:

Barely Regulated Aggressive Wrestling League

Derek's Championship Wrestling League


  • FNW World Championship (2 times)
  • FNW ExtremeCore/Television Champion (1 time)
  • FNW Tag Team Championship (1 time) w/ Derek
  • First FNW Triple Crown Champion

Theme Songs:


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