Fictional Championship Wrestling
Acronym FCW
Establishment June 2, 2009
Owner(s) Richard Rhude
Staff Richard Rhude Mike Tyson David Beckham
Formerly CCW - Celebrity Championship Wrestling
Website Coming Soon
Fictional Championship Wrestling or FCW was a Created Wrestler Promotion created by Richard originally on WWE Smackdown Vs Raw in 2008 (Under The Name CCW Celebrity Championship Wrestling), and now is on Smackdown 09 on the The PlayStation 3. in late June 2, 2009, He noticed that NODQ Aaron Rift and Slam n Jam Wade Needham , was publishing they favorite horror and fictional characters and Intrigued by this idea, Richard looked at ways to transform this idea and decided to make Fictional Championship Wrestling with horror and fictional characters like david beckham etc.
Terrorise 3

FCW Logo

Hostel 1

FCW HostelMania [1]

FCW Men's Division

Mr T (Seasons 1)
Wayne Rooney (Seasons 1)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Seasons 1)
King Leonidas (Seasons 1)
Jason Voorhess (Seasons 1)
Richard Heartless (Seasons 1)
Jimmy King (Seasons 1)
Bruce Lee (Seasons 1)
SandMan (Seasons 1)
Freddy Krueger (Seasons 1)
BatMan (Seasons 1)
LeatherFace (Seasons 1)
John Rambo (Seasons 1)
Mike Tyson (Seasons 1)
BeetleJuice (Seasons 1)
Michael Myers (Seasons 1)
Captain Spaulding (Seasons 1)
Bobby Valentino (Seasons 1)
Tiffany (Seasons 1)
Ali G (Seasons 1)
Uncle Fester (Seasons 1)
Chucky (Seasons 1)
Tupac Shakur (Seasons 1)
Richard Rhude (Seasons 1)
Eminem (Seasons 1)
Michael Jackson (Seasons 1)

The Joker (Seasons 1)

FCW Women's Division

Tiffany (Seasons 1)

Victoria (Seasons 1)

Beth Phonix (Seasons 1)

Melina (Seasons 1)

P!ink (Seasons 1)

 FCW Current Champions

FCW World Heavyweight Championship  - King Leonidas

FCW Tag Team Championship - Jason Voorhess & Freddy Krueger

FCW Women's Championship - Victoria

FCW  HollyWood Championship - Mr T

FCW Horror Championship - Leatherface

FCW Pay Per Views

FCW Triple Threat 2009

Triple Threat is FCW third Mega Event and was also the first season biggest ppv. all the match Stipulautions are triple threat rules , making the championship holders less likey to defend they championship gold. this was allso the last time that you would see the team manchester as a team and allso was bruce lees first match in FCW. Triple Threat originally aired 10 September 2009.

Match Stipulation - TLC Tornado Tag Match For The Tag Team Championship

Unlikely Duo [Defeated] Team Manchester


Match Stipulation - Triple Threat Ladder Match For The Cruiserweight Championship

Michael Jackson [Defeated] Bruce Lee And Ali G

Match Stipulation - Triple Threat Match For The Womens World Championship

Victoria [Defeated] Pink And Tiffany


Match Stipulation - Triple Threat Extreme Match For The Horror Championship

Thomas Hewitt [Defeated And New Champion] Michael Myers Festa


Match Stipulation - Triple Threat Match Hell In The Cell For The US Championship

Mr T[Defeated And New Champion] John Rambo Masked Magician


Match Stipulation - Triple Threat Match Falls Count For The World Championship

King Leonidas [Defeated And New Champion] Jimmy King The Joker

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