FvH Crossfyre
FvH Crossfyre
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Promotion FvH: Faces vs Heels CAW
Date August 14, 2010
Venue Time Warner Cable Arena
City Charlotte, North Carolina
Theme Song "Crossfyre" by Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Last Event FvH No Chance In Hell
Next Event FvH Cruel Intentions


FvH Championship
Shin (c) vs. TJ Combo

Doomsday vs. Kenshiro

Triple Threat match for the FvH Eurocontinental Championship
David Copperfield (c) vs. Juggernaut vs. Strider Hiryu

Bill O'Reilly vs. Ron Burgundy; If Bill O'Reilly wins, he take over Ron Burgundy's job. If Burgundy wins, O'Reilly is gone from FvH forever.

FvH Vixens Championship:
Jun Kazama (c) vs. Mystique

FvH Tag Team Championship
Double Dragon (c) vs. Team CSI

Simon Phoenix & Sid 6.7 vs. Luke Cage & Colossus

Six Person Elimination Tag match
Voltron Force vs. The Matrix


# Results Stipulations
Preshow Fatal Foreplay (Emma Frost & Poison Ivy) defeated Black Cat & Gina Carano Women's Tag Team match
1 The Matrix (Neo, Morpheus & Trinity) defeated Voltron Force (Keith, Lance & Princess Allura) 6 Person Elimination Tag match
2 Simon Phoenix & Sid 6.7 defeated Luke Cage & Colossus Tag Team match
3 Team CSI (Gill Grissom & Horatio Caine) defeated Double Dragon (Billy Lee & Jimmy Lee) (c) Tag Team match for the FvH Tag Team Championship
4 Ron Burgundy defeated Bill O'Reilly Singles match; O'Reilly is gone from FvH for good.
5 Mystique defeated Jun Kazama (c) Singles match for the FvH Vixens Championship
6 Strider Hiryu defeated David Copperfield (c) and Juggernaut Triple Threat match for the FvH Eurocontinental Championship
7 Kenshiro defeated Doomsday Singles match
8 Shin (c) defeated TJ Combo Singles match for the FvH Championship
  • 7 - Doomsday attacked Kenshiro post-match.
  • 8 - The lights went out as Combo was going for the pin. Once the lights came back on, Balrog attacked him from behind and cost him the match.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • FvH Commissioner Don King announced the FvH Lord of the Ring Tournament.