Cruel Intentions II
Tagline(s) "Victory Will Be Achieve, No Matter What Price to Pay"
Promotion FvH: Faces vs Heels CAW
Date March 18, 2015
Venue Nationwide Arena
City Columbus, Ohio
Theme Song "Hunger" by Spectre General
Last Event FvH Crossfyre II
Next Event FvH Ultimate Jeopardy II


FvH Championship
Lion-O (c) vs. Balrog

Lord of the Ring Tournament; Semi-Finals and Finals; Winner get a shot at the FvH Championship @ Fandemonium 2.
Simon Phoenix vs. Strider Hiryu
Shin vs. Sid 6.7

FvH Vixens Championship
Emma Frost (c) vs. B. Orchid

Jubilee vs. ???; If Jubilee wins, then the mysterious stalker would revealed her identity.

FvH Tag Team Championship
Sanford & Son (c) vs. Miami Heat

Barrio Street Fight
CSI vs. Cheech & Chong; If CSI wins, Cheech & Chong tell CSI who paid them to take CSI out. If Cheech & Chong wins, not only they get a shot at FvH Tag Team Titles, but CSI will never get a title shot for the rest of their careers.


# Result Stipulation
Preshow Winston Zeddemore defeated Shamwow Vince Singles match
1 Shin defeated Sid 6.7 Lord of the Ring Semi-Final match
2 CSI (Gil Grissom & Horatio Caine) defeated Cheech & Chong (Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong) Barrio Street Fight; Cheech & Chong tell CSI who paid them to take CSI out.
3 Strider Hiryu defeated Simon Phoenix Lord of the Ring Semi-Final match
4 Sanford & Son (Fred G. Sanford & Lamont Sanford) (c) defeated Miami Heat (Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh) Tag Team match for the FvH Tag Team Championship
5 Jubilee defeated The Stalker Singles match; The Mystery Stalker forced to unmasked.
6 Emma Frost (c) defeated B. Orchid Singles match for the FvH Vixens Championship
7 Shin defeated Strider Hiryu Lord of the Ring Finals match
8 Lion-O (c) defeated Balrog Singles match for the FvH Championship
  • 1 - During the match, Simon Phoenix threw a steel chair to Shin, who proceeded to hit Sid with it.
  • 2 - After the match, Cheech & Chong assaulted CSI.
  • 3 - During the match, Sid distracted Phoenix from the titantron. After the match, Sid attacked Phoenix with a chair.
  • 5 - After the match, Jubilee was about to unmasked her stalker, but was assaulted by Nina Williams with a steel pipe.
  • 6 - Poison Ivy interfered in the match. After the match, B. Orchid hit Ivy with a top roped Black Orchid Buster.
  • 8 - After the match, Nathan Jones attacked Lion-O from behind and laid him out. TJ Combo came out and attacked Nathan Jones.