FvH No Chance In Hell
FvH No Chance In Hell
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Promotion FvH: Faces vs Heels CAW
Date April 29, 2010
Venue Dunkin' Donuts Center
City Providence, Rhode Island
Theme Song "No Chance In Hell" by Theory Of A Deadman
Last Event FvH Truth or Consequences
Next Event FvH Crossfyre


Ladder match for the FvH Championship
Shin (c) vs. Kenshiro

Street Fight
Balrog vs. TJ Combo

FvH Eurocontinental Championship
David Copperfield (c) vs. Ernest P. Worrell

FvH Tag Team Championship
Double Dragon (c) vs. My Way Entertainment

Mystique vs. B. Orchid

FvH Vixens Championship
Jun Kazama (c) vs. Emma Frost

Six Person Mixed Tag Team match
Voltron Force vs. The Matrix

Handicap match
Luke Cage vs. Simon Phoenix & Sid 6.7


# Results Stipulations
Preshow Black Cat defeated Poison Ivy Singles match
1 Double Dragon (Billy Lee & Jimmy Lee) (c) defeated My Way Entertainment (Naztradamix & Randy Hayes) Tag Team match for the FvH Tag Team Championship
2 Luke Cage defeated Simon Phoenix & Sid 6.7 Handicap match
3 Jun Kazama (c) defeated Emma Frost FvH Vixens Championship
4 The Voltron Force (Keith, Lance & Princess Allura) defeated the Matrix (Neo, Morpheus & Trinity) Six Person Mixed Tag Team match
5 David Copperfield (c) defeated Ernest P. Worrell FvH Eurocontinental Championship
6 Mystique defeated B. Orchid Singles match
7 TJ Combo defeated Balrog Street Fight
8 Shin (c) defeated Kenshiro Ladder match for the FvH Championship
  • 2 - Simon Phoenix and Sid 6.7 attacked Cage after the match but Colossus save Cage and gave Sid a beatdown as Phoenix ran into the crowd.
  • 5 - Copperfield use magic to create a double of himself in the opening segments of the match so he can soften up Ernest.
  • 8 - Doomsday interfered and cost Kenshiro the match.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Juggernaut and Lion-O fought in the parking lot. Juggernaut put Lion-O in a hearse and the hearse drives away while Lion-O was in a coffin inside the hearse.
  • Bill O'Reilly came out and he thought he was the new backstage announcer. But FvH Commissioner Don King told that he wasn't and the real new backstage announcer was none other than Ron Burgundy.